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Updated 17 Apr 2022: Added Previews to Last Days of Winter, Mausoleum & Caliphate

This is a list of projects I'm working on, some are stories of my own, and some others are have started as commissions "kickstarted" by generous contributors and expanded into something much more. If you like to support any of these projects, send me a message at the contact page here. Higher level subscriptions ( for Hiccears) or custom donations for Subscribestar members may help push an ongoing project or open up new custom ideas of your suggestion.

Projects here are listed in order of priority as of writing depending on support given or personal preference so members will loosely know what to expect for future updates. Titles with asterisks are active by numerous subscriber requests or through higher tiered members' support as of this month.

(Click on the title to expand on the description of the story & see preview images)

  • Last Days of Winter (Current Main Project)*
    A hiking couple journey out into the mountains of the Sierra Nevadas just as a blizzard is about to hit. Little does the woman know, her companion has dark motives for bringing them out there to such a remote area. Genre: Outdoor Adventure. Survival. Action. Keywords: Fighting, Stripping, Butchering, BSDM, Bondage, The Green Man. Body Type: Fitness. Blonde. Body Part: TBD. See Update 193 194 and 195 for previously completed parts of this story.
  • The Caliphate (Kickstarted Custom Story Project)*
    A beautiful Mossad Agent is sent behind enemy lines to uncover the secrets of a mysterious band of terrorist fighters led by a warlord in a war-torn area in the Middle East. Strange accounts of female Yazidi fighters who perished and whose bodies had not been recovered lead to an unsettling reality, that perhaps this terrorist group has been harvesting their corpses for heinous & sadistic means. Genre: Action. Adventure. Spy. Political Thriller. War. Keywords: Warlord. Multiple. Abattoir. Middle East. Body Type: Slender. Fitness. Brunette. Latex. TBD. Body Parts: TBD. Preview art coming soon.
  • Mausoleum (Kickstarted Custom Story Project)*A young Austrian woman who has spent her life being good in her career and loyal to her friends and family to a fault is seeking a new chapter in her life, one where she thinks of her own happiness. She desires to settle down and have her own family finds love with an enigmatic young man. He is wealthy, sophisticated, charismatic and attractive, enough that her friends almost grow suspicious of him. Too good to be true, they think. Then one day, she would disappear. Eloped? The man also went missing. Strange, especially that she hadn't told anyone of her plans. One day one of her loved ones break into the man's apartment expecting to find clues and finds strange relics reminding him/her of the missing woman, memorabilia, photos, almost feeling like he was visiting a shrine of the dearly departed. As we all know, the truth is much more horrifying.Genre: Romance. Mystery. Drama. Keywords: Hannibal. Trophy. Butchering. Body Type: Average. Brown-haired. 30+. Body Parts: TBD. Preview art coming soon.
  • Missing in Japan / Hikikomori (Kickstarted Custom Story Project)*
    Set in modern times, a young troubled French girl looking for a deeper meaning in life begins her journey through a correspondence with a mysterious and charismatic man and ends up taking a flight to Japan and giving herself up to a mysterious organization that preys on the disassociated and impressionable youth. Before disappearing, she leaves a few clues to one of her friends who has a crush on her back in France, and these clues sets him on a path of discovering the truth of her fate and the unraveling of disturbing secrets of a culinary society while also awakening possible dark temptations within the friend. Genre: Mystery. Romance. Keywords: The Green Man. Mister K. Striptease. Shibari. Lingerie. Consensual. France. Japan. Body Type: Slim. Small Breasts. Curly Hair. Blonde. Body Parts: Legs. Ass.
  • Post-Millennial (Secondary Project)*
    A young independent and strong young woman of the modern times falls for a mysterious and charming man of sophistication. He invites her to his apartment, where over time, she discovers that they have more in common than she had expected and slowly falls in love with him. But he has something sinister and delicious in store for her. Genre: Romance. Keywords: Hannibal. Betrayal. The Green Man. Feminist. Butchering. Quartering. Split in Half. Body Type: Short-haired. Fit. Short Height. Body Parts: TBD. See Update 155, 159, 164, 165, 177, 182.
  • The Pageant (Kickstarted Custom Story Project)*
    A small lesser known beauty pageant is held in rural southeast America featuring the best farm-bred girls. However, The Doe Patrol suspects a darker conspiracy regarding the mysterious patrons of the pageant with its ties to the underground crime world and missing contestants in the area involving the occult, underground caves, and cults in Kentucky. More details forthcoming. Genre: Drama. Keywords: Livestock. Legs. Butchering. Body Type: Thick Haunch. Small Breasts. Body Part: Legs. Ass. Hindquarters. Preview art coming soon.
  • Pleasure Squad (Kickstarted Custom Story Project)*
    What do you give a man who has everything? Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? In the end, all roads lead to the ultimate horror and taboo. A defector and witness, personal chef and butcher of a dictator tells all about the crimes perpetrated onto the people by his boss. Keywords: Political Thriller. Intrigue. Action. North Korea. Kippumjo. Dictator. Harem. Orgy. Excess. Cruel. Multiple. Body Type: Asian. Plump. Busty. Milking. Slender. Slim. Body Part: TBD.
  • Season of Sacrifice & Slaughter (Secondary Project)*
    Two close friends, both beautiful high-end escorts accepts a gig too lucrative to refuse. They are brought to an island where they will rub their shoulders with Arab Princes, Swiss Bankers, Hedge Fund managers, the global elite who enjoy surrounding themselves with beautiful women. When one of them disappears, the other goes around trying to discover her friend's fate. Unfortunately for her, she finds out that her friend had been sold to the highest bidder. Genre: Erotic Drama. Mystery. Keywords: Great Gatsby. Eyes Wide Shut. The Financier. Island. Auction. Middle East. Washing. Stuffing. Ouzi. Handling. Fine Dining. Duo. Body Type: Slim. Supermodels. Body Part: Torso. TBD. See Update 172 and 173.
  • The Unholy See (Secondary Project)*
    A pair of French urban explorers, tasked by the Doe Patrol team, explores ancient underground crypts and catacombs near the Vatican and discovers an stumbles upon sights that are not meant to be seen. Horrible rituals, dark practices of the occult, tied to the most powerful men in the Holy See. Genre: Action. Horror. Thriller. Spy. Espionage. Keywords: BDSM. Torture. Bondage. Split in Half. Quartered. Underground. Ritual. Antipope. Vatican. Body Type: Slim. Fit. Brunette. Latex. Body Part: TBD. See Update 187.
  • The Tourist (Secondary Project)*
    A young pampered girl traveling from Dubai to Paris, a fan of good food, good shoes and expensive hotels, is stalked by human traffickers hired by her husband to take her out. He wants out of the relationship due to her lavish lifestyle. In the end, she is put to good use and appreciated by the secret society. This is one for the foot lovers. Genre: Travel. International Intrigue. Crime. Keywords: Soup. Human Trafficking. Shoes. Plump. Middle East. Body Type: Voluptuous. Persian. Body Part: Feet. TBD.
  • Brazen Bull
    An American student with Native heritage travels to Sweden for an exchange program but finds more about the culture to be afraid of. Somewhat of a inverse version of Erik the Red's sojourn into the Americas so long ago or Stranger in a Strange land where the noble becomes the savage and vice versa. The mysterious pagan holiday, Walpurgis Night forms the basis of the event, but the locals, through an ancient ritual going as far back as the legend of the Minotaur have something nasty in store for her. Genre: Travel. Horror. Thriller. Keywords: Midsommar. Stranger in a Strange Land. Spitroast. Whole. Ritual. Brazen Bull. Scandinavian. First Nations. Pagan. Body Type: Slender. Slim. Native American. Body Part: TBD. See Update 160.
  • Mystery at Ute Mountain
    A horrific and violent past haunts the sacred Ute Mountain where local natives speak tales of man-eaters reminiscent of the Skinwalker or Wendigo. These days, the horrors persist in the form of a meat facility that is seemingly abandoned but for odd activities recorded within by wary locals. A law enforcement agent investigating the disappearance of young mother finds himself embroiled in a mystery surrounding this place. Genre: Mystery. Thriller. Keywords: Butchering. Industrial. Slaughterhouse. Kronos Consortium. Multiple. Butchering. Industrial. Split in Half. Body Type: Various. Tattoo. Body Parts: TBD.
  • Hunter's Cabinettes (formerly The Roadhouse)
    Unwitting waitresses at the Hunter's Cabin bbq chain run by an enigmatic billionaire entrepreneur are chosen to be part of the feast in this 70's retro tale of dolphin shorts, roller skates and big afro haircuts. The wealthy restaurateur invites some very important guests as a gesture to join a very exclusive club, to partake in choosing one of the lovely ladies to not only serve them the menu, but also to be on the menu. Genre: Drama. Keyword: 70's BBQ. Marinade. Handling. Quartered. Butchering. Body Type: Various. Black. Caucasian. Body Part: Legs. Hindquarters.
  • A Wealthy Sacrifice (Renamed from Hunt Club - Ongoing Custom Story Project)*
    A wealthy and privileged young English girl falls for her father's business associate who invites her to secret parties and mysterious power brokers. Safe to say, once there, she finds herself trapped in a world of strange masked parties, bizarre auctions and enigmatic guests, and that she realized too little too late, that the tables have turned on her. Genre: Drama. Keywords: Poetic Justice. BDSM. The Green Man. Hunting. Middle-East. Kebab. Auction. Stuffing. Spitroast. Eyes Wide Shut. Body Type: Voluptuous. Large Breasts. Brown Curly Hair. Body Parts: Torso. Breasts. See Update 191.
  • W.I.T.C.H. Hunt
    A side-story not related to the universe of the Tales of the Vanished. A story involving a diverse cast of cartoon victims that began long ago and paused, with one or two more sets to go before completion. An evil villain with freezing power finally overcomes a band of crime-fighting witches who are dispatched and served to a cadre of the villains they have bested over the years. Their pain of being defeated time and time again will be finally rewarded. Genre: Cartoon. Manga. Fantasy. Keywords: The Villain Explains. Body Type: Black. Asian. Caucasian. Diversity. Body Parts: TBD.[/expand]
  • Aurael vs Mandora
    A fantasy tale involving the epic battle between an angel and a demoness. A tale of two angels once close friends and lovers tried to hide their tryst from God until He discovers their secret. One of them is banished to Hell while the other remained an angel after pledging her loyalty to Him. Feeling betrayed by her lover, the other angel now turned demoness plots her revenge. Genre: Fantasy. Biblical. Action. Fighting. Keywords: Giantess. Angel. Demon. Lesbian. Butchering. Orcs. Body Type: Fitness. Blonde. Body Part: TBD.
  • Verna Bastion, Investigative Journalist
    Somewhat the flagship narrative story thread revealing the goings on of the Circle and its history. This series features a former exotic dancer turned investigative journalist who disappeared during the course of her investigation into a string of missing girls. What she uncovered laid the foundation of what the Doe Patrol used as the base of their deep-dive into the secret cannibalistic conspiracy known as the Circle. Genre: Suspense. Mystery. Detective Noir. Thriller. Crime. Keywords: 40's-90's. Force Feeding. Body Type: TBD. Body Part: TBD.
  • El Azteca
    A new project that harkens the history of Meso-America and its cannibalistic history with the ancient Aztecs & Jaguar Warriors. Rumors abound about a new sinister cartel called the Jaguars and their new leader, El Azteca. Whether this story is related to the drug cartel kingpin "Anibal the Cannibal" is yet unknown. Genre: Historical. Horror. Keywords: Aztec. Necro. Apocalypto. Roast. South America. Body Type: TBD. Body Part: TBD.
  • Sicaria
    This series begins as the origin story of the cannibalistic drug lord when one of his rivals sent out a female assassin to take him out. Eventually, she became his favorite stripper, and later on, his most trusted confidant. He soon would grow to fall in love with her before her true identity is revealed. Did he spare her, or did he execute her? We shall find out if the story is fated to continue. But eventually, we will find out that through her, he finds a new frontier in a taste of meat. Genre: Crime. Action. Thriller. Keywords: Bikini. Asada. Spitroast. Body Type: Fitness. Blonde. Latin. Tattoo. Body Part: Torso.
  • Incident at Napa
    The Doe Patrol, on an anonymous tip, investigates peculiar disappearances surrounding a Californian vineyard that happened in the 70's. A convoluted tale that ties with events regarding the German Nazi Doctor, a nursing home in France, and even possibly, loose ties to the Vatican & the Paris Catacombs. We will find out soon enough! Genre: Mystery. Suspense. Thriller. Keywords: 70's. Wine. Fine Dining. Force Feeding. Shoes. Quartered. Body Type: Slender. Brown Hair. Body Part: Hindquarter. Feet. Leg.
  • Bizarre Bazaar
    An ambitious project regarding an epic expansive scene of mass butchery on display if this will ever get finished. But here's a backstory. At a location unknown, wealthy elites who have paid good coin will have the opportunity to experience a very unusual interactive show. Masked and anonymous, they are there to experience the basest of debaucheries and also have the opportunity to purchase a very rare special kind of meat. This project is meant to be an expansion on a scene that is elaborate display on a scene of a bazaar which began as a custom which is now on hold, but one which I would like to finish given the support and opportunity. Genre: Mystery. Surrealism. Keywords: Bazaar. Marketplace. Multiple. Butchering. Display. Eyes Wide Shut. Body Type: Various. Body Part: TBD.
  • The Farmer's Daughter
    A wide-eyed, young impressionable daughter of a factory farm manager falls for a mysterious man who seduces her to make a final sacrifice to spite her father's business. Her fate is revealed to the father in a series of horrific video footage of his animal-loving daughter's farewell message, enough to compel him to give up his business. Genre: Romance. Drama. Keywords: Poetic Justice. Father's Reaction. Butchering. Body Type: Teen. Soft. Blonde. Body Part: TBD.
  • Theodate Dance Conservatory
    In the harsh world of professional dancing, the winners are rewarded with lavish careers while the weaker ones are exiled, forgotten or even in the rare case, 'disappeared' for the whims of the conservatory's mysterious benefactor. Genre: Horror. Mystery. Keywords: Lesbian. Body Type: Flexible. Scissoring. Gymnast. Dancer. Slim. Chicago. Body Part: Pelvis. See Update 168. Preview art coming soon.
  • Chinatown
    Human bones turn up in a dumpster in Chinatown at San Mateo county. A talented forensics expert investigates but finds peculiar effects on the remains, leading him to make a very grisly prognosis as to the victim's fate. Genre: Mystery. Crime. Detective Noir. Keywords: 80's. Chinese Cuisine. Body Type: TBD. Body Parts: Pelvis.



This is a list of non-series projects which can be requested as commissions.

  • Complete-A-Sketch
    In the updates, I'll most often have unfinished sketches & ideas. If you'd like to see one of these pieces completed in color, you may sponsor one of these artworks to completion. Send me a message and a description/attachment of that artwork.
  • The Connoisseur of Superheroines
    In the world of superhero multiverses, there is one where a mysterious arch-villain known as the Connoisseur dwells, one who dines and absorbs the powers of his prey, and his favorite dish is of the hot, beautiful and sexy kind. Many have fallen prey, while some have fallen prey multiple times in different universes. Customs of your favorite superheroines are open to higher tiered members and even possibly if enough DISCIPLE level members request it.
  • Eat the Rich (Celebrities)
    When I receive customs regarding celebrities & a few of them will lend to some "Tales of the Vanished" in-universe potential. For example, I am as of now working on one which was kickstarted as a custom related to Paris Hilton while a few others such as Amber Heard, Taylor Swift and more are possibly on the platter in a series called "Eat The Rich", involving members of a secret uber-rich dining on the famous as the ultimate experience.
  • Recipes
    For the few one-offs regarding the preparation of exotic dishes. Not a lot of information on this series yet, but one that's possibly on the menu. Request a body part, a body type, a particular person, and let the maestro chef work his magic. This is one where I could possibly do a custom of someone's likeness or a setting you'd like to see that's not tied to a story. Send me a message if interested. Preview art coming soon.