193: The Last Days of Winter

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Now that we're at the end of winter and love is in the air, here's a special Post-Valentine's Day post, one that takes place on a hike in the snowy mountains... befitting to some of us who are experiencing some unexpected chill. Here's a little story to help you as you're hunkered down while the snow rages on outside.

Bon appétit...



At an undisclosed hiking trail at the end of winter/start of spring somewhere in the Sierra Nevada...


She: Wow! It's starting to snow!

He: Ah, the forecast was wrong. But if we get caught in this, don't worry, we've all the supplies we need to last us for weeks but I'm sure it wouldn't get to that stage.

Well, you're carrying the most of it anyway. You're sure you won't let me lighten your load? What have you got in there anyway? Looks like you're ready for a month's hike & not for just the weekend!

Let that be a surprise, only that they're things that'll get us by.

Look, you should already know that I'm not just a weak, pretty young damsel in distress, waiting to be saved. I can carry more than you think! You don't need me to tell you that I've already kick your ass... how many times?

Maybe I'd let you win.

A-haaa.... I like that, maybe that's why I let myself be stuck here with a man who can take his lumps.

Don't worry, it won't be long till our next stop and maybe we'll see.

I should've brought the right pair of shoes and thermals. I'm starting to worry I'm not dressed for this. I thought this'll just be another crisp sweater-weather weekend, but look at the sky, it's getting ominous. Are you sure the weather report, said it wouldn't snow? I should've checked myself...

It looks bad now but hey, we'll stop soon. If it gets worse, I may have something in my pack to help keep you warm. Up ahead. There should be a Ranger Station not too far along the path past this hill. We can take shelter there once we arrive in just under half an hour. And there, I have a surprise for you!

Ooooh, a surprise. Okay.


Hey what?


Hey! Turn around.

Whaaaat, hon?

Nothing. Just taking a mental snapshot. I just wanted to stop remember this magical moment... you, happy, radiant and smiling.

Aha... okay.

There. It's done. A picture postcard in my mind...

Awww... hon...

... and to put a face on that nice round ass I've been staring at the past hour.

Ohhh, fuck you, naughty trickster!

Haha, sorry.

My sis was right about you. Mister Peter Pan the Mischievous Magic Man, come here to sweep me off my feet!

She's not half-wrong... at least about the sweeping you off your feet part.

Oh, if you meant that literally, no you won't. At least not before I land you on your ass first.

Speaking of ass, you can turn around now and let me have that view again... The station's just yonder!

Alright cowboy, I'm so gonna enjoy bustin' your balls tonight...


-- an hour later --


I'm worried, hon. The snow's getting a lot worse.

We're in luck, there's the cabin.


Past those trees.

Oh, I see it.


Oh- It looks like it hasn't been used for a while. It's barely a cabin, just stacks of broken logs. I mean, it doesn't even have a roof! Hon, I'm getting a little worried.

It's been a while since I returned here. But we'll be fine. There should still be a river further up ahead, we should pitch our tent here.

A tent? So that's what you've been carrying. Wait, did you know all along about this? The romantic cabin resort was just a ruse? Is this the surprise you're talking about?

Hah, yes... surprise! With a little bit of endeavor we could still turn this into a romantic escapade, just you and me.

Are you serious?

I kept going back to our conversation on our first date, do you remember?


About pushing ourselves to the limit of survival...

Yes, but you know, not literally! Or at least, you've got to warn me first that you're doing this. Look at the snow, if this turns into a full-on white-out, this is literally putting our lives in danger and I didn't pack enough-

Don't worry. Everything'll be fine. I'm sure the snow'll let up sooner than later. Look, I've brought a tent for shelter, we can use it to camp and... we'll head back at first light in the morning. But now, it's getting late and we should pitch the tent now. Let's put it up next to the strongest side of the wall of the cabin.


-- half an hour later --


Okay, that should hold. That's the good news. The bad news, we've still got no signal, and the weather's looking real bad and I think the snow's not gonna let up for a while. We may be snowed in.

That's just great.

Are you alright?

It's okay. I'm... I'm just frustrated right now. It's unusual that the weather report could've been so wrong. And how can this place be so remote? We've not seen a single soul on this path for a couple of hours now. I thought you said-

Hey-hey... alright, I'm really sorry. You're not alone. You have me.

Yeah. I was looking forward to a cozy secluded cabin with you, hon. If I wanted to rough it out... at least... at least I wished I knew first. I'm cold, I brought the wrong fucking shoes and my yoga pants of all things. You're all dressed up so you can't complain.

Okay, I'm sorry. I'll promise we'll get you warm soon enough.

I'm hungry. I'll help prep the food. Let's see what you brought.


Hon? What's this? Knives... hooks... what are all these tools? I thought you had food!

Oh, yes we have food alright. You have it.

All those herbs, spices and marinades you made me carry ain't gonna cut it, babe. Where's the meat you said we brought?

Looks like you've stumbled across my other surprise. This one, you may not like. Dear... when I first met you, I knew that you were different than the other girls I brought out here.

Hon? What other girls? Why are you bringing exes at a time like this. Wait, what's going on, hon. I don't like this.

It's a 50/50 guess that a blizzard would happen, and it looks like what I wanted to happen just did. It's just you and me without a soul to be seen for miles...


...and If I've to guess, a blizzard like this... it'll take weeks before the snow begin to thaw. That'll give us just enough time...

Enough time? Enough time for what? Tell me... who are you right now?! What's going on?

... to test our limits... snowed in, stuck for weeks, maybe months... just like the Donner Party did here more than a hundred years ago right near this very spot. Starved for food, they resorted to resourceful means. To hunt, to fight...

Hon... is this some sort of joke? If it is, it's not funny anymore.

... while we still have energy and our bodies strong and healthy. So if you hadn't noticed, there's only one type of meat that we have now... and it's one that walks on two legs. Maybe it's me... or... maybe it's you, depending on who wins. Choose how you want to do this. You can fight like how we did, but you won't win this time. Or you can run, but you won't get far. At least you have a choice. The others, they never had a chance. Delightful pretty little two-legged does, they were tender, nourishing in tough times but also so delicious. You however, something about you, your strength, your willpower, you will be a proud hunter's challenge!

No, no no...

So run, fight and survive. Or die. Because I'm hungry. So, very hungry and I don't know about you, but I will be dining on steaks tonight. Whatever happens, know that I really do love you, and you're actually my favorite and I will miss you so, so much.

Oh my God. Fuck you... fuck you! Stop this!

Think of it this way, we will be a part of each other forever no matter what.


-- to be continued --



Bonus spoiler art:

This story will be part of a longer tale, and here's a sneak preview of what's in store, mind you, it does spoil the conclusion of the story I'd planned.


Here are other artwork in store as I can't leave you members with something that's not spicy, so here another unrelated bonus artwork of beautiful slender harvest in loving hands.






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