Updated 17 Feb 2021

Satisfied with what you see here? Still hungry after having your fill with the Forbidden Feast? Visit these other sites from fellow creators for more things similarly twisted.

Agatha Delicious' productions are some of the best on-topic videos of girls being prepped and served, and with high quality models too. Some of the productions too go beyond fetish and have very well-written plots rivaling that of mainstream productions.

Pulptoon has some of the most prolific on-topic pulp-style cartoon & comics of damsels in distress & hungry creatures out for their tender flesh. Reminiscent of the "outrageous" publications of days gone by. Do check out the very active Pulptoon forum here too.

This clean and well-organized site is a very excellent aggregator of fetish as a while and very well laid out for those who also want to explore other categories from the more mainstream (such as bondage & foot fetish) to the very niche (such as yours truly!). Highly recommended.

Excellent artist Artdude41 creates some of the most excellent 3D visual art out there. You may find him on Deviantart for free previews but rest assured, his subscriber holds a lot more "spicy" images of alternate endings for his heroic protagonists.

Muki's has some of the most well-produced photography collection of pretty ladies in a very on-topic setting as you can see on the thumbnail. The selection of models are of a high quality equal to mainstream porn, but as we all know, the dishes we serve here are a little more "unique".

Dark Tales has a well-produced collection of comics, mostly of BSDM, asphyxiation, bondage, but more often than not also wades into the dark dungeons of gynophagia. Support him on his patronage site here or view some previews at his Pixiv page.

Gallery of Gynophagia is an aggregator site of on-topic sites and will also point you to some very on-topic fetish customs which you won't know how to find otherwise. For those who are fans of this site, check out others partners via this portal.

Mr Zulu certainly has a unique art style which will is welcome in this dark side of the web, reminiscent of some of the more cartoon vintage Popeye-style fans. If this suits your fancy, check his site out!


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