Index of the Tales of the Vanished

Here lies an alphabetical reference from the collected journal notes of an anonymous collective of conspiracy theorists who loosely call themselves the Doe Patrol. They comprise of independent freelancers with law enforcement & journalist who are trying to get to the bottom of a strange series of missing women throughout the decades. They run a small publication called the "Lantern Bearer". They believe that a larger conspiracy involving powerful corporations, societies and individuals are related to these disappearances and this is also somehow tied to the occult. This is an evolving glossary from their notes as they uncover more and more about this secret society. At the moment, despite having many names throughout the ages, the Doe Patrol refer to them as The Circle. Here are the notes of what they know so far:

Latest Update 13 Jun 2022. Numerous edits throughout the INDEX to reframe, remystify and clean up the canon.


  • Anatomist, The
    Suspected ex-Nazi doctor and member of the Circle before and after World War II. Sources disclosed that he had perfected the art of preserving the human head as a trophy after multiple experiments in the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp during the war. Ended up in a senior living facility in Moulins-les-Metz, France after being afflicted by dementia and possibly tied to many disappearances including that of a social worker at the nursing home just days before his death.
  • Antipope, the
    A mythical spiritual figurehead of Circle & leader of the rumored Black Church. Known to have deep ties to the Vatican. What is the Church's ties to the occult? Said to be in the possession of the Arcanum Gastronomica & the mysterious Museo della Sacra Caccia somewhere in Florence, Italy. Possible entrance is in one of the crypts in their old cemeteries. Benedictus: Is that his Latin name even though his true name is yet unknown?
  • Arras, Agent
    A federal agent active in the 70's and early 80's whose leaked case notes provide valuable information to the Doe Patrol.
  • Artisan, The
    Also known as the "Chef". Appeared to have been recruited by the Circle in the early 70's as their head chef for his seedy past and a constant drive for culinary excellence especially with rarer types of meats. Disgraced and lost his Michelin stars after being found out to have served the flesh of endangered species from the black market. Supposedly of French origin.
  • Autodidact, The
    A retired forensics crime scene cleaner rumored to have ties with a few wealthy associates linked to the Circle. Has a property close a strange estate owned by The Huntsman in Arizona.
  • Azteca, El
    Mysterious Leader of a Drug Cartel in Central America. Rumored to be the identity of an up and coming gangster named Carlos "Anibal" Zepeda active in the 80's before disappearing after an assassination attempt. Said to dine on the flesh his enemies' loved ones as opposed to torture or murder as a method of terror and coercion. Rumored to be instrumental in reviving the Jaguar Warrior Cult through a series of initiations and cannibalistic rituals to gain members for his Inner Circle. Affiliation with the Cannibalistic Societies in Europe, Russia & Northern America yet unknown.
  • Baron, the
    Not much is known about this figure other than his nationality (British), a close friendship to the Van Duyne family and occasional visits to the Dakota Apartments in New York during the early half of the 20th century. Speculation is still abound to his true identity as he is suspected to be a notable figure in history, particularly in the field of literature. Being a noted polymath, a remarkable chess player and also a keen hunter and traveller, he is ironically an early proponent of the humane treatment of animals. The Doe Patrol's research reveals a shortlist of 3 to 4 possible candidates to this figure's true identity.
  • Bastion, Verna
    Pseudonym of an independent journalist & former exotic dancer who planned to write a tell-all autobiography of the adult industry before uncovering a larger mystery involving some of her missing colleagues until she herself vanished. Mysteriously, notes of her investigations in the 80's & 90's were sent to the Doe Patrol by an unknown source.
  • Caliban
    A patriarchal figurehead of the Van Duyne family during the reconstruction period after the 2nd World War. Real name or a moniker? Spoken with real fear by some members as if he is still alive.
  • Canan, Agent
     A federal agent & colleague of Agent Arras whom we suspect is tied to the Circle. Part of his confessional has been leaked to the Doe Patrol.
  • Caliph, the
    Leader of the rebels in a war torn country in the Middle-East. Rumored to delight in the capture of Yazidi fighters, particularly the female-led battalions, many of whom, whose bodies were mysteriously unrecovered. Does he have possible support from the military industrial complex and the Prince? How he remains hidden and still in power is hard to ignore.
  • Chamberlain, the
    Sometimes referred to as the Butler. Is he Wallace Eaton, long serving butler of the Van Duyne family? (from the reign of Victor to Caliban and present during the formative years of Cristoph)
  • Consort, the
    The long-time partner to the Financier. Said to be under witness protection and government custody. What secrets does she keep? To this day it seems that she remains tight-lipped or that the conspiracy is larger than the Doe Patrol expects.
  • Financier, the
    Is he the man in the news, did he really commit suicide in his jail cell? Had a very infamous and public fall which has jeopardized the clandestine operations of the Consortium, although unfortunately, once promising, nothing else seem to be coming out of investigations from the authorities. Are they compromised?
  • Founder, The
    The Russian representative of the Circle. Known as the заготовщик/Zagotovshchik or Основатель/Osnovatel (the procurer or founder) with his expansionist ideals which run counter to the Van Duynes' more conservationist approach. Known as The Usurper after snatching control of the Circle from the Van Duynes during the 80's. Is suspected to have links to the meat packing facility at Ute Mountain.
  • The Gospeler
    A purported former member of a Satanic cult, turned entertainer and evangelical preacher. Had a hand in the popularity of the Satanic Panic wave of fear throughout the 80's through his road shows although some suspect that his message was meant to distract or deflect the true perpetrators of occult practices among his powerful associates inluding The Hunstman.
  • Green Man, The
    Who is the Green Man? We see references of this mysterious figure come up on occasion as a suspected figurehead of this secret society especially since the 2010's. He is shrouded in mystery & regarded with fear as one of our informants on the inside has mentioned. Is he related and tied to the ancient pagan/occult deity of Pan? Coincidence that he could be this mysterious Mr. Greene?
  • Hunstman, the
    Real estate entrepreneur, restaurateur and avid hunter, Wynn 'Big Game' Hunter. Owner of the Hunter's Cabin and the Hunter's Roadhouse restaurant franchise where suspiciously enough, an alarming number of their waitresses known as the Hunters' Cabinettes have gone missing. Information is scarce & the families of these missing girls were either fearful or paid off for their silence. Close friend of the Gospeler who was an early investor of the restaurant chain. Lived in relative seclusion in Arizona after the 90's.
  • Illusionist, the
    Suspected to be the famed magician turned real estate entrepreneur, Roman Drake who runs a string of Casinos & Hotels based in Las Vegas & other locations under the ownership of a mysterious conglomerate known as the Consortium. His ties to the mysterious Circle is too convenient to ignore.
  • Documentalist, the
    Sometimes known as "Mr. K". Purported to be a Japanese national of mysterious origin active in the 70's. Was seen in the company of the Billionaire rancher Wynn Hunter. The Doe Patrol suspects that he's one of the 'fixers' for the Circle.
  • Gentleman, the
    Cristoph, brother to Castor and son to Caliban? Reclusive. Not much is known of this member of the Van Duyne family other than that he is a patron of numerous high-end wine and prosciutto businesses.
  • Keeper, The
    Or "смотритель/Smotritel". Personal chef & butler in the Krasnodar estate of the Founder.
  • Malefactor, the
    Rumored to be Castor Van Duyne, one of the heirs to the mysterious Caliban. Not much is known, but from what evidence we have, he is known to be an unhinged and sadistic sociopath.
  • Matron, the
    A mysterious elderly woman of Chinese descent mentioned a few times during our investigations tied to dining establishments in China & San Francisco. Nothing much is known of her other than she is highly likely deceased at the time of writing of old age.
  • Medved aka Agent Bear
    Codename for a Russian agent linked to the FSB & right hand man of the Founder.
  • Prince, the
    Crown prince of an oil-rich country in the Middle East with possible deep ties to shadow governments and the intelligence agency. Possible link to the Caliph and funding his reign of terror in the war torn areas of the region?
  • Satania
    Real identity unknown, moniker used as her stage name during the mysterious fighting ritual of the Lua Mater. Possibly links to the Theodate School in Chicago?
  • Shawna
    A name which appears, possible consort to one of the heirs of the Van Duyne family in ar0und the 90's to early 00's.
  • Van Duyne, Lucian
     Son and heir of Cristoph Van Duyne. Not much is known of him other than he disappeared after The Founder usurped the Circle from the Van Duynes after the fall of the Soviet Union.
  • Van Duyne, Victor
    A member of the Van Duyne family active before World War II. Some old photographs and portrait paintings reveal a likeness that's stunningly similar to Grigoriy Rasputin. Merely coincidence, are they related or are they one and the same?
  • Van Duyne, Victoria
    Daughter of Caliban Van Duyne, sister to Cristoph & Castor.
  • Voluptuary, the
    Rumored to be Vadim Radenko, a larger-than-life Ukrainian oligarch active in the 2010's with ties to the sex trade and human trafficking. Is he tied to the Circle? Seen in the company of the mysterious Founder pre 2014, but has remained largely underground ever since and whereabouts unknown.


  • Bull and the Bear, the
    A secretive dining established in London, owned and operated by the secretive Kronos Foundation. Previous iterations of the club was known as the Brazen Bull during the times of the Hellfire Club in Buckinghamshire. Once housed the ancient device of its namesake recovered from an archaeological dig in Minoa, Greece then later reopened and rebranded after WWII as The Bull and the Bear as a speakeasy for Europe's financial elites, under the patronage of Roux's successor where the ancient relic now is housed and used for its secretive feasts.
  • Casino Paradiso
     One of the Las Vegas casinos run by Roman Drake. Whistleblowers from construction workers & contractors reveals a myriad of strange architectural oddities such as occult symbolisms and secret rooms however access to these locations are still yet forbidden. Featured in Deanna 2011.
  • Club Asterion
    A fine-dining establishment and nightclub in Chicago owned by the Kronos Group. Behind its walls, it occasionally hosts events for members of the Circle while also being the latest known site of the ancient Altar of the Minotaur. Featured in Karin 1982.
  • Dakota Apartments
    A historic and supposedly haunted private residential building in Manhattan that hosted secret dinner parties during the latter days of the Hellfire Club's existence before World War II.
  • Grosse Point
     A large secluded estate in Vermont belonging to the Van Duyne family and site to many of its most heinous activities. Featured in Ruth 1937Paula 1949, Renee 1995/1966, Sheryl 1973.
  • Hunter's Cabin & Hunter's Roadhouse
    The restaurant chain owned by American Circle representative Wynn Hunter
  • Museo della Gynophagia
     A secret sanctum & the spiritual heart of the Circle, run by the Black Pope Benedictus in a secret location in Florence, Italy. Referenced in Samantha, 1994Sandra 1997, Megan 1984.
  • Rarotonga
     One of the Cook Island in the Pacific known to be a frequent place of pilgrimage for the Van Duynes, especially Castor. Mentioned in Trudie 1978, Megan 1984.
  • Theodate Dance Conservatory
    A dance academy established in Englewood, Chicago under the patronage of the one known as the Anatomist and one of the properties of the Kronos Consortium. Tales of missing students were reported but never confirmed.
  • Ute Mountain
    The site on sacred Native American land of a mysterious meat packing facility owned by the Kronos Consortium which supposedly supplies meat to the Hunter's Roadhouse chain while having ties to Russian and Ukrainian money. The site is also purported to have a dark history of cannibalism hundreds of years ago. Mentioned at "Mystery at Ute Mountain 2003". 


  • Altar of the Minotaur
    Also known as the Tablet of Asterion, bearing a torch which dates back to ancient Greece and the Cult of Demeter & Persephone. Much blood has been spilled over the millennia on its surface, both from the sacrifices and all the lavish feasts it bore. Latest known location is in Club Asterion in Chicago. 
  • Arcanum Gastronomica
    Also known as the Gastronomicon. The secret book of recipes of the human flesh and accounts of the capture and butchering. Bound in human skin and written in blood ink, the book has existed since ancient Greek times, during the times of the Cult of Minoa. Regarded as the Anti-Bible and now in the possession of Antipapa Benedictus.
  • Asterion
    An ancient figure from Greek Mythology purported to be a man-eating half man half bull. However, through secret ancient texts kept by the Van Duynes & the Museo della Gynophagia, it is discovered that Asterion could allude to a historical figure who was a leader of a secretive cannibalistic cult that used the symbol of the bull.
  • Bronze Bull, the
    An ancient cooking device in the shape of a bull used by the ancient cannibalistic Cult of Asterion used to roast the flesh of human sacrifices during the Age of Minoa. Also known as the Brazen Bull. Latter day scholars often mischaracterized the device as an instrument of torture. Used heavily by the Hellfire Club in Renaissance England especially during witch hunts and after World War II housed in London's financial district in The Bull and the Bear dining establishment. (Also see places: Brazen Bull, the)
  • Children of Asterion, the
    Blood descendants of Asterion, the man-eating monster of ancient Greek myth. Members of this lineage are said to live longer lives, are of higher intelligence and superior strength, some say aided by generational evolution from living on a diet of human flesh. However, there are also reports of higher cases of madness and psycho-sciopathic tendencies. The Van Duynes are purportedly that last of the direct bloodline from this ancient figure.
  • Circle, the
    The all-encompassing name for the secret organization responsible for the many missing young girls and women girls in the Western World. It is a representation of the circle of life, that death begets renewal through sustenance and sacrifice. Also named for the circle formed by members around the ancient Altar of the Minotaur as the victim is sacrifice and served. Depending on the era, the Circle is known by many different names throughout the ages as early as the dawn of mankind. Some say its earliest iteration began with the Skull Cult near Jericho, then the Cult of Minoa, the Cult of Demeter & Persephone in Ancient Greece. Latter days it is also know with many names such as The Hellfire Club, the Epicurean Society, The Children of Asterion, and more.
  • Consortium, the
    Also sometimes referred to as the Foundation. A mysterious conglomerate of businesses, shell companies, hedge funds & multi-national corporations rumored to be the public face of the Circle. One such corporation that keeps coming up is the Kronos Group
  • Corruption of Rarotonga, the
    The Malefactor’s escapades into Rarotonga, of the colonist corrupting the colonized to dine on the flesh of the colonizer after being inspired by the exploits of Lord Jameson and the writings of The Baron.
  • Diarchy of Lucifer and Ahriman, the
    The two forces of darkness proposed first by Rudolph Steiner and then later adopted to describe the binary paradigms that rule the Circle and its hidden agenda for multiple millennia. 
  • Dyadic Treaty of Florence, the
    A peace brokered by the Antipope in Florence 2011, between The Green Man and The Founder to preserve the balance within the Circle by creating two ruling parties known as the Diarchy (also more descriptively known as the Diarchy of Lucifer and Ahriman), one in Russia under The Founder and the Green Man.
  • Earning the Mask
    Seems to be a process of which an Aspirant becomes a full member of the Circle, earning a mask which provides anonymity.
  • Epicurean Society
    The incarnation of the Circle after World War II through the 80's.
  • Fem
    The flesh of a human being of the female variety. Derived from the French word for woman, femme similar to the English usage of pork (porc), poultry (poulet) and beef (boeuf). Other terms used by the Circle include gynasarka, two-legged sheep, hairless doe and flesh of Eve. Members of the Circle believe it to be more tender and delicious compared to the male counterpart because of the higher fat content and marbling which adds flavor to the meat as described within the pages of the Arcanum Gastronomica.
  • Hellfire Club
    The incarnation of the Circle that formed in the 18th century until the dawn of World War II. Referenced in ???? 1913.
  • Kongregatsiya
    The secretive organization formed by the Osnovatel after the Dyadic Treaty of Florence as the Russian answer to the Circle.
  • La Vecchia
     A pagan ritual of Northern Italian origin observed by the Circle during Lent, when a victim would be sacrificed, usually an older, wiser woman. Referenced in Sandra 1997.
  • Lua Mater
    Goddess Mother. Sometimes also referred to as Lua Saturni, the consort of Saturn, or Kronos. The title bestowed upon the winner of a battle for survival among victims of the Circle mostly held during the ritual pagan feast, Munera where the victor would be able to avoid being on the menu. The Lua Mater, as long as she holds the title is treated as a member of the Circle. Mentioned in Crystal 2001.
  • Patriarch
    The title bestowed upon the leader of the Circle. Usually refers to the head of the Van Duyne family.
  • Sacred Trinity, the
    The three catechisms that form the basis of the qualities of the Flesh of Eve above all other flesh, according to the Church of Gynophagia. One, of Divinity, that the female flesh possess hidden spiritual qualities, the personality, the history, of mother, the angel, of innocence and purity. Two, of Beauty, that the female form in her physical perfection in aesthetic, artistic and carnal sense could also be consumed as such as one appreciates good art and lovemaking. Three, of Esculence, that the female flesh engenders rare culinary qualities in taste and nutrition which presents health benefits while representing the height of gastronomical heaven. 
  • Shuangzi Yan Society, the
    Also known as the "Twin Feast Society" a secret cannibalistic dining club helmed by the Matriarch. The society's history can be traced as far back as the 6th century in ancient China by Zhuge Ang & Guan Zong, noblemen & friends whose legendary feasts and challenges of one-upsmanship between the two helped spawn many entries within the pages of the Gastronomicon.
  • Unholy See, the
    A secret branch with deep ties to the Vatican with high ranking members being part of the Unholy Circle. Also known as the Black Church or Occulti Vaticani (Hidden Vatican). Led by the Antipope and represents the darker and secretive side of the Vatican.