The Repository of Gynophagia Literature

Here lies some of the stories collected from the internet on this subject of Gynophagia which I have read. I've split this section into 2 parts, firstly for published books, novels, comics and the like. The other for stories gathered from related forums, search engines etc. As a guide when applicable, I included ratings (based on how well the story was written and how close it fulfills the gynophage's fantasies) and a brief synopsis, much like one would find on a movie review site, and though I'm sure tastes and opinion vary, these ratings reflect how well I think of the story and are open to debate, which I think is what we need. I took liberties in curating these tales, so if you happen to be an author of one of these stories and would like them removed, please let me know and I'll do that immediately. On the flip side, if you know of any stories that I'd missed and one that you think that I should read and put up on this page, let me know.
With that, on to the twisted tales...

Novels, Books, Comics and other Published Literature

Short Stories

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