Short Stories

Here are some of the gynophagia themed short stories I've read and decided to review and rate here. What does the rating system mean? For Writing and Story, I rate these based on originality, storytelling, grammar and just the plain craft of the language. Also high marks to stories with the plot that doesn't seem like a contrived fanfiction or fetish fodder. As for Erotic Impact, it's how much the story's cannibal angle peak our arousal. Stories with a low Erotic Impact rating doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad story, just one that is not geared to titillate us in an erotic manner. Want me to post a short story here? Submit requests to "twistdart at gmail dot com".

NOTE: Stories with illustrations are marked with an asterisk: *

Recently Added Stories:

Updated Feb 27 2020: Due to some errors with the reviews I've decided to post these stories here by Vulpes_vulpes sans review until I can find the time to properly organize it. In the meantime, I'll place them here for those who'd want to read them.

  • Blonde Roast Series, by Vulpes_vulpes | W/S:N/A EI:N/A
  • Louise, by Vulpes_vulpes |W/S: N/A EI: N/A
  • Elin, by Vulpes_vulpes |W/S: N/A EI: N/A
  • Juliana, by Vulpes_vulpes |W/S: N/A EI: N/A

Illustrated Tales:

  • The Ballad of Ned & Roger, by Twistd
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, apocalypse, rednecks, shooting, decapitation, grilling, dismemberment, character study) Redneck brothers Ned & Roger bagged themselves a young filly in this post-apocalpytic short story, then gets locked in a debate about how should one appreciate the meat of long pig. Read here 
  • The Bluebeard Emperor: Chapter I & II, by Twistd | W/S: -  EI: -
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, oriental, historic fiction, spitroast) The Emperor of Northern China feasts with his good friend and lieutenant, challenging each other with a game of culinary "have you ever?" Little does the Emperor know, his close friend has a trump card up his sleeve and a story to shock even the battle hardened ruler. My very own story which was planned as a 1st two chapters of a larger story, so ratings doesn't apply. Enjoy at your leisure!  Read here 
  • Butchering the Human Carcass for Human Consumption, by Bob Arson | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥
    (cannibalism, how-to, violence, dismemberment) Not so much a story, but an instructional piece on how to butcher the human carcass. Discovered this classic piece of writing in the earlier days of the cannibal internet community in the mid 90's. A must read. Read here 
  • The Chateau, by Twistd | W/S:N/A EI:N/A
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, period piece, ghost story, gourmet, tragedy, violence, lesbianism) A young nun gets lost in the woods in this period piece set in France, then meets a cripple who leads her to a sinister castle. This tale is evil, evil, evil. Devout Christians might want to stay clear of this one if they value their faith. But then again with our kind of fantasy, we're all going to hell anyway. Read here 

The Rest in Alphabetical Order:

  • The Affair, by Menagerie | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, secret society, live-butchering, violence) Stef, Viv, Bonnie... One by one, the girlfriends of Marc, Frank, Tom and Ralf had apparently disappeared without a trace, and soon, Marc's new girlfriend, Gretchen would find out how and why. Started strong, though pulling up a little short on the follow through. Still, another solid outing from Menagerie. Read here 
  • Baia's Fate, by Ximidon | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, boiling, live-cooking, jungle natives) A rainforest biologist is captured by natives and prepared for the pot. Short, sweet, and a fairly formulaic read, recommended for its careful depiction of the victim's slow death by boiling. Read here 
  • Baked Goddess, by Clemstra | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, semi-consensual, oven, sex, rape, live-cooking, jungle natives, plump) A straightforward jungle themed tale, with our shipwrecked protagonist, Fran captured, prepared and plumped up for a jungle cannibal feast. But what stands out is that the elements of the story is more submissive and sexual in nature, focusing on the build-up but not so much on the "culinary" half of the fantasy, the eating. All in all, a story for the "eatees" not so much the "eaters", and somewhat a refreshing read from the XX-chromosome point of view. Read here 
  • The Bird, by Waxed | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, lesbian, deceit, oven-roasting, turkey, eating) Jane and Kelly tricks gullible Emily into becoming a 'turkey' for the company Thanksgiving party. It's all in good fun, though, or is it? A light hearted tale filled with deception and backstabbery. Read here 
  • Black Mountain, by Hisdinner | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, relationship, plot-driven) Jack and Jill went up the hill to look for a girl to slaughter. But their quarry was much more than just a nameless victim which puts the couple's relationship to the test. Hisdinner has a wonderful writing style which is good enough to be publishable if she desires that career. This story, although light on the fetish aspect, is wonderfully original and is an example of what she does best. Character building. Excellent read! Read here 
  • The Blue Terror, by hooksforhands | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (gynophagia, demon cannibalism, rape, non-consensual, live eating, vore) A girl named Amber is abducted by the narrator who proceeds to summon a demon for the sacrificial ritual. This straight-to-the-point tale is light on the backstory but takes its time during the best parts, the lovemaking and the eating, not holding back on the gory description. Read here 
  • Boiled Blonde: Sally's Slow Simmer, by D. E. Russell | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, boiling, live-cooking) Sally came to Chadd's Ford and found the hot tub particularly irresistable. Unfortunately for her, Steve, the hot-tub repairman also thinks of her the same way, and with some minor adjustments to the hot-tub... A decent read with not many surprises. Read here 
  • Bon Voyage, by Menagerie | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, live-cooking, oven, secret society) Frank was a privileged member of an annual exclusive cruise, where one can 'sample' their menu before it is served at the Captain's Banquet. A far-fetched notion, but Menagerie seems to pull this off anyway with style. Read here 
  • Broken Angel, by Clemstra | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, semi-consensual, family, holiday, oven) A plane crash survivor is being taken care of by a deranged family during Thanksgiving. Reading this tender little story is like being read a bedtime story while hugging a soft teddy bear and thinking warm thoughts... right up till the end, of course. Read here 
  • Business Plan, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia) Dave audaciously tells his loan officer, Ms. Winters that he plans to open a cannibal restaurant. Why so bold? Surely he must have something up his sleeve? As brief as a Monty Python sketch, still compelling enough a read. Read here 
  • The Call Girls, by Karen | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, hanging, asphyxiation consensual & non-consensual, decapitation, secret society) Karen and Rachel are two high end escorts who find more than what they bargained for when their clients turn out to be... well you already know the answer. With a simple premise, this story still finds some way to feel original, sexy and extremely kinky with two spectrums of emotions regarding the fetish between the two call-girls. A can't miss read for Dolcett purists. Read here 
  • Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me, by Crithni | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, sisters, clowns, mainstream lit, non-consensual, horror, spitroasting) A story about a pair of sisters who got themselves lost in a forest during a school day trip. It's safe to say that they're not alone in the forest! Came across this story while browsing back in the day for some good cannibal tale and this was quite an interesting discovery. Manages to be graphic despite being a mainstream story. Read here 
  • Celebrity Securing, by Ay Wun | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, gutting, non-consensual, violence, celebrity, live cooking, kidnapping, secret society, spitroasting, sci-fi) A strange but hilarious tale where celebrities get robo-cloned, and their real selves are served on the dining table for a hi-tech secret society. A rather far-fetched story with crazy ideas, but that could be a good thing for some. I mean, how could one resist an opening line like "KABOOM! Tori Amos exploded." Still, a purposeful read for its uniqueness. Read here 
  • Chef of Baghdad, by Scipio42-2 | W/S: ♥♥♥♥ EI: ♥♥♥
    (keywords coming soon) In a world of sultans and slaves, comes a sprawling tale of an up and coming food merchant of the 'forbidden' kind who is hand-picked by a royal vizier to prepare a lavish dish fit for a king. Mystery, intrigue abound. Here, the cannibalism aspect may be integral to the plot but it is almost treated as a condiment which shows how strong the main plot is written. One of the best out there & highly recommended! Read here 
  • Chicks to Chicken, by Danté | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, rape, BDSM, torture, non-consensual, Club X, decapitation, kidnapping, multiple victims, coprophilia, spitroasting, secret society) Young girls in their prime are kidnapped from a casino in Monte Carlo and are subject to the most brutal treatment by a secret society of cannibalistic upper-classes. A "Club X" tale to end all "Club X" tales. This story is so outrageous, descriptive and imaginative that I can't be helped but be impressed by this epic, despite some quite unecessary elements of coprophilia. A can't miss read for Dolcett fans if you can spare the time. Read here 
  • Cold, by my_shadow_half | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, semi-consensual, sword & sorcery, violence) Halkorr, the Wench and Milady are caught in a snowstorm without food. Safe to say, one of them is going to end up as nourishment for the others, but who? This is an intriguing tale from a writer that shows much promise with well fleshed-out characters and decent enough storyline that could pass off as mainstream literature. A pity that the cannibal aspect of the writing wasn't expanded enough, though a good enough read for me to wish to see more from the author. Read here 
  • Convention of Killers, by Asteroth | W/S:♥♥1/2  EI:♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, serial killer) Five students investigate an abandoned school to put a stop to a serial killer responsible for the disappearances of their fellow schoolmates. A simple read with a lot of implied cannibalism. Somewhat more story driven & may disappoint if you're looking for a more arousing tale. Read here
  • A Cottage in the Woods, by Menagerie | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, semi-consensual, fairy tale, live-cooking, boiling) Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Renée... and a couple of hungry witches too. Somehow, this fairy tale maintains its cheerful and light-hearted manner despite its macabre subject matter, something that the author is an expert at doing. Cannibalism doesn't have to be a dark matter. Read here 
  • Creatures - 24 Cannibal Shots, by Mary Elizabeth Hargrove | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥1/2
    (gynophagia, non-consensual, mystery thriller, mainstream literature) I can't remember where I found this story, but it was a very pleasant surprise to know that some good mainstream short stories out there do cater to our fantasies. This thriller follows Sarah, who found a used roll of 24 print film with some mysterious and unnerving pictures. Read here 
  • Dancing Dolcetts, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, torture, live-cooking, multiple victims, oven, Club X) Latina chick gets recruited as a dancer in an exclusive club. Little does she know... you get the idea. A run-of-the-mill club Dolcett type theme, the only difference that sets this one apart from the rest is some excellent writing. If you're a fan of extreme BDSM torture rife with many of the Dolcett themed stories, you might like this one. Read here 
  • A Day in the Life of Rob Bernitt, by Chewher | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, blowjob, kidnap, violence, decapitation, guillotine) A quickie introduction on the "true" accounts of a serial cannibal, starting off with a young teenage girl named Ashley. Seems to be part 1 of a series which I don't seem to have at the moment. Read here 
  • A D.C. Tale, by Ralph LeCan | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥1/2
    Set in the 1970's, three African American women in the heart of Washington D.C. discovers the taste for human flesh. Though much is shown about the characters' backgrounds, not enough depth with the personalities makes it easy to interchange characters without affecting the storyline. Overall, a decent series for plumper fans with a good variety of the choice of victims and preparation methods. Part 1: Getting Started (cannibalism, gynophagia, plump, femcan, non-consensual, violence, decapitation, butchering, spit roast) Part 2: Varying their Diet (cannibalism, androphagia) Part 3: Canadian Bacon (cannibalism, gynophagia, plump, femcan, non-consensual, violence, butchering, spitroast) Part 4: Flower Child (cannibalism, gynophagia, plump, femcan, non-consensual, violence, butchering, gourmet) Part 5: Mindy Chili (cannibalism, gynophagia, femcan, non-consensual, violence, butchering, gourmet, oven-roast) Part 6: A Lovely June Day in November (cannibalism, gynophagia, femcan, non-consensual, plumper, violence, butchering, gourmet, oven-roast) Part 7: Ruth's Turn (cannibalism, gynophagia, femcan, semi-consensual, plumper, nubian, roleplay, livegutting, lifestuffing, livespitting, spit-roast, twist ending) Part 8: Robin's Souper Adventure (cannibalism, gynophagia, jungle natives, flashbacks, consensual, plumper, multiple victims, decapitation, spitroast, livegutting, liveroasting, boiling) 
  • A Debt Honorably Paid, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, Asian, dining, semi-consensual, secret society, eating, oven) Bangkok, sin city, where women are treated like commodity, and some treated much much worse. This story follows one such lady who gave herself to free her family from debt, and her fate is described in horrible yet delicious detail. Light on the foreplay but one of the best descriptions of the eating, and that's Classic Chewy at his best! Read here 
  • The Deer Hunt, by TLeg Man | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, hunting, carrying, necrophilia) Young hunter has an obsession with his high-school english teacher. Much of the story revolves around necrophilia and cannibalism is only mentioned as an afterthought. Still, mildly interesting. Read here 
  • Dolcett Banquet for the Writer, by Riwa | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, sisters, decapitation, gutting, butchering, oral, dismemberment, non-consensual, secret society, gourmet) Dorothy & Zilpha are invited to the swankiest eatery in London, but find themselves biting more than they can chew. Clearly written as a fantasy fetish tale for Dorothy & Zilpha, as even the writer, Riwa, makes an appearance. Despite this, the story has more substance than other short story dedications and method of how the girls are dispatched is especially memorable. Read here 
  • Eating the Underclass, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, secret society, gourmet) The rich take from the poor in the most ultimate form in this rather thought-provoking piece, from a writer who has one of the best descriptive narratives I've ever come across. I'm quite convinced that the author may be a professional writer in his public life. My only criticism is that it is quite devoid of sensualism which to me is an important ingredient in a fine cannibal story. Nonetheless, a must-read, especially for the description of the banquet. Read here 
  • Everything's For Sale, by Cann_S | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, decapitation, violence, butchering, multiple victims, processing plant, secret society) Five American volunteers in Bangkok find out that the dark underbelly of the City of Sin hides a dark and gruesome secret giving a new meaning to the words, "flesh trade." The elements of the story touches on a common theme, but written in such a fresh and original style that I can't help but feel as if I was reading these kind of stories for the first time. Read here 
  • Feast of Friends, by ConCarnal | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, plump, lesbian, live-cooking, oven-roasting, feast, secret society, non-consensial) A rich heiress seduces and grooms a young plump woman for something other than her lesbian desires. This well-written tale is long on the tease, nicely drawn out pre-cooking scenes but in the end, ends up as a rather straight-forward gynophagia fetish tale with a simple plot. Read here 
  • The Feast of Purim, by Grim Williams | W/S:♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, consensual, human cattle, incest, sex, rape, cannibalism as a common occurrence, fictitious world, hunting) This story follows the adventures of siblings, Esther and Guy, in a world where cannibalism is a commonplace occurrence. This long and epic tale needs a lot of patience to get used to and is hampered with a rather plodding and plain writing style. Only starts getting interesting around chapter 8 when we're introduced to Ruth. Read here 
  • Filipina Hunt, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, rape, spitroast, hunting) A standard tale of Asian girls being hunted for food. Nothing that stands out here, only for its better than average writing. Read here 
  • Fresh and Tender, by DrB | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, violence, butchering, decapitation) Hitchhikers beware, for you might meet people like Eleanor and Edmond here. That was what poor Susan and Nancy found out. A pretty standard cannibal fare, but surprisingly erotic for such a simple read. My only problem was... what happened to Nancy? Read here 
  • From the Diary of a Cannibal, by Sergeant52 | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2 
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, serial killer, femcann, violence, butchering, decapitation, plot driven) This story, originally in German, consists of excerpts from a cannibal's diary. The story turns when one of his victims begins to show signs of sharing his cannibalistic fantasies. An excellent piece with an interesting twist at the end with the characters being well developed enough that you feel the circumstances are almost realistic enough to make sense in real life. One of the best stories featured here. Read here 
  • Gift, by Menagerie | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, rape, deserted island, gutting, spitroast, decapitation) Vicky had a special gift, and she would use this gift to experience an event, nobody on the history on earth would ever see. Read to find out. Menagerie always seem to come up with many new ideas that translates to great stories. Read here 
  • Girl Hunt by Chewy | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, hunting, rape, live-gutting, spitroast) The story has a pretty basic 'girl gets hunted like wild game' storyline. But what's interesting about this story is the seemingly accurate depiction of the 'roast', almost as if the writer himself has really seen spitted longpig before. Well, maybe just pig. Read here 
  • Girls, Guns and Barbecue Sauce, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, hunting, decapitation, butchering, spitroasting) Young Hope tries to stop hunters from killing innocent deer, but she accidentally gets caught in the crosshairs instead. It is a classic culture clash between PETA supporters and gun-lovers, and it doesn't take a genius to know who ends up on top, and who ends up on the menu. Read here 
  • The Goddess, by D.E. Russell | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (gynophagia, non-consensual, violence, monster, torture, gutting, oven, celebrity) What really happened to everybody's favourite 60's sex symbol. Short, and an enticing read despite a pretty far-fetched premise. Read here 
  • The Golden Hunt, by Kim Young | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥
    (gynophagia, non-consensual, goblins, live-cooking, spitroast) Goblins abduct a young secretary camping alone out in the forest. A rather short tale with a fairly simple writing style and description of events. Still, the best goblin story out there, if not the only one. I also remember an illustrated version of this story lying around somewhere. Read here 
  • A Good Night At the Mountain of Power, by SB | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, violence, gynophagia, non-consensual, movie crossover, fantasy, dismemberment, m/f lovemaking) What if Conan had died on the Tree of Woe? What if Valeria had perished while storming Thulsa Doom's lair? What if Thulsa Doom himself emerged victorious? This ably-written short tale may be light on plot and narrative, but serves well for those who seek a straightforward fetish fodder as it spends a plenty of time on lovemaking and not a lot on the cannibalism aspect. Read here 
  • The Good Provider, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, jungle natives, hunting, violence, spitroast, live cooking) A Malunga warrior plays cat and mouse with a Tuli girl where the vanquished will end up as meat for the other's village. A highly mature and descriptive tale that is both sexy and rather realistic in its cannibalistic depictions. Read here 
  • Grass Stained Red, by Rufus T Firefly | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, semi-consensual, hunting, long story). Jenny finds herself biting off more than she can chew when she volunteers as a victim of the hunt for an opportunity to win a lot of money. A little light on plot despite its length, this story is strong on its own merit as a conventional dolcett fetish story. This really long, epic tale has well drawn out sexual scenes & great character development, though light on cannibalistic details, relying a little too much on general statements on how the body was butchered & eaten. Read here 
  • Guide to Fine Dining - Egypt, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, consensual, vore, gourmet) This masterfully written piece on the fine art of gynophagia cuisine follows the experiences of Lord Ffilet and Roti de Femme. It is highlighted by one of the most ingenious cooking methods I have ever come across. Let's just say that it is something that would satisfy both vore and cannibal enthusiasts. Read here 
  • Guide to Fine Dining - China, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, gourmet, boiling) Lord Ffilet and Roti de Femme experiencing the forbidden tastes of the Orient. Whilst many stories focus on the sexual or butchering process of gynophagia and only mentions the eating in passing, this piece stands out in that he does the opposite, celebrating the victim in death with the author's amazing detail of the culinary descriptions which are both incredibly sexy and delicious. Read here 
  • Halal Slaughter, by Riwa | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, sisters, consensual & non-consensual, desert, decapitation, butchering, violence) Dorothy makes her final journey to Islamabad to fulfill her secret fantasy but her unwitting half-sister, Zilpha, is adamant in following her so she can try to talk her out of it, whatever her kinks are. This tale with an unique premise suffers mainly from the way the rather annoying Zilpha character is portrayed. Read here 
  • Hidden Treasures: The Early Days, by del boy | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, secret society, oven-roasting, live-cooking) The story takes place in the early history of a secret cannibal restaurant during its construction & later, their inaugural dinner. Told through the eyes of the co-founders son or daughter, the story flows organically & is a good example of a good story not needing beautiful language & proper grammar to be readable. Read here 
  • The Hike, by Susan Chantell | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥
    (gynophagia, cannibal, non-consensual, wilderness, decapitation, butchering, skinning) Mike and Susan go on a hiking trip at the Cascades, but only one will be coming back. A pretty basic read with a pretty decent pay-off at the end. Read here 
  • History Lesson, by Feyd Rautha | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, serial-killer, oven, kidnapping) One of the saddest stories I've come across, which makes me question how "evil" and sadistic my fantasies are since I actually found myself drawn to the horrible acts in the story. Read this and you'll know what I'm talking about. Read here 
  • Hunger, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, violence, secret society, boiling, gourmet) Written in a second person perspective, "you" are a connoisseur and member of an elite club who travel to the Orient to have a taste of the forbidden fruit. Beautiful is the word that best describes this piece. The words are almost poetically written, and you can sense that there's deeper meaning to the people, in life and even in death. If ever Hannibal Lecter was a writer, Chewy would be him. Read here 
  • I Ate My Neighbor Jamie Last Night, by Rocky | W/S:♥1/2 EI:♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, live cooking, oven roasting, realism, crime) A short tale of a man who has a fatal cannibalistic crush on his neighbor and chooses one day to kill and eat her. Although written is a simple and amateurish manner, this intriguing story is extremely effective and quite realistic that our fantasies never really turn out as sexy in real life. In fact, the ratings I give below, as honest as it can be, does this story a real injustice. I'll need another category called "Intrigue level" which will net this story a perfect ♥♥♥♥. I'm really curious to the last line of the story. Perhaps one day, those photos might surface in real life! Read here 
  • Individual Study, by Gurgurant | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, necrophilia, morgue) What goes on in the head of a wannabe cannibal who is about to take his first step? Find out here. The build-up to this piece is very well done and the emotion that the protagonist goes through feels very real. Would like to have seen more stories from this writer. Read here 
  • In The Mountains, by Floyd Harvey | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, lesbian, consensual, non-consensual, butchering, live-gutting, survivalism, decapitation) Four teenage girls find themselves stranded in a mountain cabin with no food and starts looking at each other with hungering eyes. A well-written tale about how necessity can bring about unimaginable depravity even amongst normal people. Not to mention that in the bathtub scene, it has one of the most memorable lesbian cannibal moments of any literature that I've ever come across. Read here 
  • An Introduction to the Restaurant, by ExecChef | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, dismemberment, beheading, gutting, butchering, secret society, non-consensual, menu, kidnapping) A very special restaurant in the middle of the barren Nevada desert caters to a select crowd of patrons and this time, instead of hookers of the Las Vegas strip joints, it is a young, intelligent teacher who is chosen as the subject of the restaurant's next main course. A wonderful read with amazing details to the victim's life and her dreams which makes the tale a little more visceral and emotional than the usual flesh fare. Characters are very vivid and little minor details to the scenes make this a very lively and lived in story. Recommended. Read here 
  • The Island, by Eli the Bearded | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥1/2
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, consensual & non-consensual, multiple victims, live-cooking, gutting, slavery, spit-roasting, oven) At a secret island somewhere off the coast of Australia, where both fantasies can be fulfilled and nightmares realised, live hundreds of beautiful women who are paid handsomely for one year of service... if they can survive that long. A decent story with an interesting idea and premise, if a little short on the believability factor. Read here 
  • Jason's Obsession, by ExecChef | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, live cooking, rotisserie, torture, bondage, non-consensual)  Jason has a decade-long obsession for Katie who has always rejected him in life and once she is finally engaged, he has decided to turn this fantasy into a reality. Well-written tale that caters to many points of view, the lust of the killers, the fear of the victim and even the desperation of the loved ones, that it could pass off as a crime thriller if the subject matter wasn't so dark. Recommended for those only who can stomach the darker, more realistic aspect of this fantasy.  Read here 
  • Jessica and the Cannibals, by Neuralmancer | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, lesbian, jungle natives, non-consensual, slavery, violence, oven) Six girls find themselves harassed by jungle cannibals who find many interesting ways of using their captives. One of the classics that inspired one of Ptarmigan's more popular artworks. It has one of the most memorable lines in all the stories I've read. "Be brave, Melody. They can only have your body, never your mind." This story had much potential but missed a lot of opportunities that kept it from being great. When things start getting juicy and interesting, it pulled itself back with the description. Read here 
  • Juliet's Place, by delboy | W/S:♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (live cooking, live eating, foot fetish, no-consensual, stalking, cannibalism)  An unhealthy obsession on his new neighbour leads to murder and cannibalism. It's your basic kidnap, cook and feast short story that approaches this from the cannibal's POV.  Read here 
  • Katie, Mounted, by The Lizarrd | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, torture, decapitation, skinning, taxidermy, kidnapping) A cheerleader gets kidnapped by a serial killer who has a weakness for nostalgic sentimentality. An okay read with an underutilized and unconventional approach, which is the subject of taxidermy. A pity that the gynophagia element wasn't explored more fully, though. Read here 
  • Khan's Restaurant, by Bluebeard | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, skinning, decapitation, skinning, bestiality, hypnotism, live-butchering, gourmet, violence) Cannibalism gets an East-Indian treatment in a tale where two sisters find themselves sized up for a grand gourmet banquet for the Mithal family. Excellently written tale with a good knowledge of Indian cuisine, a must read for gourmet cannibal purists, though a little short on the sexual aspects of the fantasy. Read here 
  • Kimmy Tastes Purdy Good, by itsmedave aka Mr Ghandi | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, non-consensual, tribal natives, kidnapping, brother sister incest, virgin sex, fisting, spit-roast) Young Kimmy Purdy and her family go to Africa, and guess who they stumble into? Though written with a decent command of the language, the writing somewhat lacks creative flex with fairly straightforward descriptions and a storyline that follows most of the convention of the jungle cannibal genre. Read here 
  • King of the Mountain, by Hisdinner | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥♥1/2
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, non-consensual, wilderness, sisters, firepit) Daniel, experiencing the wear and tear of mid-life crisis, is trying to help a much younger girl who's trying to escape from a relentless crazed maniac who did something terrible to her sister. A well written action-packed thriller that could pass off as a mainstream masterpiece with a surprising, yet not that surprising twist in the end. Read here 
  • King's Ransom by Ludovico aka Shashay | W/S:♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, non-consensual, secret society, multiple victims, live-cooking, spitroast, boiling, oven) Daughter of a wealthy billionaire gets kidnapped and a ransom gone wrong and decide to sell her to an old lady with a mysterious purpose for the girl. Started out interesting enough but loses a bit of focus when more and more random girls get thrown in the mix fairly conveniently towards the end. Read here 
  • Let Them Eat Cake by Cann_S | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, non-consensual, sword & sorcery fantasy, mistaken identity, decapitation, gourmet, violence) The spoiled princess gets her comeuppance when she forces her starving subjects to provide her with fresh pig. An interesting story with an original take on the cannibal fantasy. I've always liked WE tales that are not merely for the sake of the fetish, but one with a deeper meaning, reasoning and storyline, and this fortunately is one of them. Read here 
  • Life Changing, by delboy | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, dismemberment, foot fetish, secret society, non-consensual, live cooking, multi-racial) From a simple accident, a man spirals down a path of murder, cannibalism and depravity, and eventually falls into a world of conspiracies and secret societies. I enjoyed the gradual escalation of the protagonist's exploits. Read here 
  • Long Pig Luau, by D.E. Russell | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, tropical island, secret society, live-gutting, firepit) A classic and sexy tale by one of the best cannibal-themed writers out there. 22 year-old Sharon is on vacation at a secluded island and well-taken care of by her gracious hosts who have something quite sinister in store for the helpless woman. Read here 
  • Lori's Last Meal, by Owl | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, secret society, live-cooking, spit-roast) A beautiful investment broker has lost a lot of money for her clients, but peculiarly, they don't seem too disappointed. She finds out why after being invited to a special dinner. Owl has come up with many classics in this genre & this story checks almost all the boxes, becoming one of the classics. This hot, sexy tale that doesn't hold back with all its gory cooking & eating details. Excellent! Read here 
  • Lost, by Dorian | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, husband/wife, live-cooking, oven) A tale with a gothic-horror feel about a married couple, Luke and Rosy, who were lost one rainy night and made the mistake of stopping by an old mansion to ask for directions. The story would've been more plausible if the couple seemed more like a married couple than a guy still having a schoolboy crush on his wife. Read here 
  • Lucinda, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, live-cooking, spitroast, live-gutting, secret society) A prostitute gets kidnapped while smuggling drugs across the border and fall prey to a Dolcett conspiracy. A simple straightforward read with nothing much more to offer, other than the standard Dolcett fetish fare. Read here 
  • Marrakech Travel Journal, by Oopsy | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, adventure, consensual, spit-roasting, sex, violence) An American journalist finds himself on a dark journey into the heart of North Africa's forbidding desert and finds himself conflicted when an ancient ritual is about to be performed on a young woman he loves. This is a beautifully written story in which one cares for the characters and where the surrounding comes to life with his vivid descriptions. This is a tale so excellent that I've given it a rare perfect score. I'm convinced that the author is no doubt good enough to be a published writer, if not one already. Read here 
  • The Meal, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, gourmet, violence, non-consensual, live-cooking, oven-roasting, live-gutting, secret society) Once every blue moon, a secret society gathers for a cannibal banquet, and this time the unfortunate victim is a beautiful nameless Latina. This story saves the best parts after the dressing and cooking of the said girl and has one of the best descriptions of the eating I've ever read. This story fulfills a difficult task of combining the sexuality and the gruesome realism of a cannibal feast. Nicely done. Read here 
  • Meeting My Neighbour, by Jessi | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, kidnapping, rape, spitting) A man kidnaps his neighbour & prepares her for a delicious end. Translated from German, this tale is short, sweet & to the point, highlighting a well-done dual perspective of the hunter & the hunted. Read here 
  • Melissa, by P Devadis | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, father-daughter incest, live-gutting, oven, butchering) A butcher, owing a lot of money to a local banker, possesses the one thing that could clear his debts: his eigtheen year-old daugther. Devadis is known for his accurate butchering depictions but doesn't do enough here especially after the gutting. Read here 
  • Missing, by LT | W/S: ♥♥♥♥ EI: ♥♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, decapitation, spitroast, dismemberment, butchering, lesbian) Two young women both whose lives are more than they are letting on have a chance encounter in bar at a sleepy college town which results in deadly consequences for one of them. It's hard to find stories that fulfill the fetish while not reading like a story which ticking all the checkboxes and this is one of them. The story is never predictable, very organic and the attention to detail is commendable, and even comes with a small twist which results in a fresh and enjoyable experience to this very jaded reader. Hard to find flaws with this one. One of the best stories I've read in a while & an instant classic. Read here 
  • My Cannibalism Experiences, by Deathrider | W/S:♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, necrophilia, gutting, butchering, decapitation) A loner finds a beautiful and young accident victim in a roadside ditch and must be thinking to himself, "hallelujah". A very short but compelling tale that is full of bad grammar and spelling mistakes, that actually adds to the charm of this story and makes it a better read than if it wasn't. My illustrated story, "My Story" was inspired by this piece. Read here 
  • My Dinner with Abbas, by P Devadis | W/S:♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, rape, butchering) A butcher named Peter helps an aspiring cannibal to fulfil his wishes. Although a little flawed in terms of writing style, the story more than makes up for this for its excellent attention to realistic and accurate depiction of the butchering process. Read here 
  • Need, by Hunter-Seeker | W/S:♥1/2 EI:♥1/2
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, non-consensual, decapitation, jungle, spit roasting, forced cannibalism) A simple, short tale of 3 girls captured by a group in the jungle. Very light on details, we're not sure who these captors are or even on their motives as to why they kidnapped these girls. I'm not sure why I put this story in here, perhaps it was a short read and that it's slightly unconventional enough for me to feature it here. Read here 
  • Nightfires, by Menagerie | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥1/2
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, non-consensual, violence, secret society, live-cooking, oven, decapitation) Rosa was flattered to be invited to a beach party by Lui and Gianni, but the two hottest guys in town had more uses in mind for her body besides sex. A standard cannibal fare that doesn't really stand out, nor does it really disappoint. Read here 
  • A Night to Howl, by Menagerie | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, semi-consensual, live-cooking, oven, secret society) Mandi and Sandy are two American junior account execs who do not belong in darkest Romania. But some of its hungry denizens would beg to differ. Menagerie's writing is so fresh, light-hearted and whimsical that it's hard to think that the end is so gruesome, and it IS. Read here 
  • The Ogre, by Menagerie | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (gynophagia, non-consensual, live-spitting, gutting, spitroast, bondage, monster) Valerie and Mindy were new on the job, selling ads for a local radio station when they stumhemorrhage into a monster's lair. Will they escape? Or will they be meat for the monster? Easy to read tale and the images described sticks quite well to the head. Read here 
  • Once a Year, by Menagerie | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, live-cooking, oven, secret society) The nice old lady needed some help with her groceries, with Lisa's and Sarah's help. But there is something strange about this woman... A trademark Menagerie tale tinged with a little bit of humour and irony. Read here 
  • Pal Pot, by Menagerie | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, jungle natives, live-cooking, boiling, comedy) A light-hearted and interesting read about two girls who are always constantly bickering amongst one another, all the way to the cooking pot. Read here 
  • Piece Corps, by NWRaptor | W/S:♥1/2 EI:♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, butchering, jungle natives) Some Peace Corps volunteers helps jungle natives in more ways than one. Nothing special about this tale, only that it is short and gets to the point fairly quickly. A ho-hum read. Read here 
  • Piñata Stew, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, Latina, tenderizing, boiling, bondage, violence) A Puerto Rican female executive makes the mistake of slumming in the sleazy parts of San Juan, and later turned into a human pinata. A unique approach with trademark Chewy hard and horrible descriptions that is as gruesome as it is appealing. Read here 
  • Pirate BBQ, by NWRaptor | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, non-consensual, rape, live-cooking, spitroast, pirates) A governor's wife is captured by pirates with somewhat vague motives. All is revealed in the end. A short and crisp story that leaves a lot to the imagination which can be a good thing. Read here 
  • Preparation, by Menagerie | W/S:♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, consensual, butchering, spitroasting, secret society) The man in the limo saw that Jenn was special and wanted her, and his driver, Akim with his middle-eastern charm would be just the one who would make her submit. Although well written, my one criticism on this story is that the plot and the motives of the characters seems too convenient here like a bad porn movie. Sorry, Menagerie. Read here 
  • Recycling Rita, by Meatlover | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, cannibal world, butchering, non-consensual, processing plant, violence, decapitation, rape) In a world where a terrible secret is kept from the entire female population, Rita is dropped off at a human recycling center after being raped. The story chronicles Rita's process from beginning to end. This tale is high in shock factor even to veteran gynophages, with its highly detailed visual descriptions and memorable scenes of orgiastic butchery. Read here 
  • Room #21, by ExecChef |W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynoophagia, non-consensual, torture, skinning) Maureen, a financial analyst & almost hitting her 30's finds a lakeside lodge as a perfect holiday getaway. Unfortunately, the hosts have a side business of a BBQ cookout with that very secret recipe, and she might be on the menu next. A tale that seems professionally written, very easy to read and never feels like there's a dull moment despite falling under the fetish tale category. The creativity and sadism is quite unmatched really from any other author. If there's anything to criticize for the gynophage afficionado is that it's light on the post-slaughtering scene although it compensates itself really well with a super build-up scene before the kill. Read here 
  • Ruth, by Unknown | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, semi-consensual, decapitation, sisters) Ruth is determined to get to the bottom of her sister's obsession with a mysterious friend, a relationship which eventually led to her disappearance, and the man's old house seemed to be the best place to start looking. Got a little confusing when it was trying to describe its twist ending that I needed to do a double take. Even then, I was still confused. Decent read nonetheless. Read here 
  • Sarah Meets Her Demise, by ExecChef | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, live-cooking, non-consensual, rape, torture, oven, foot fetish, full-roast) A pretty young New Yorker is eyed by her boss and an aspiring cannibal couple. It's rare to find a story that puts a lot of effort into the setup and the characterisation of the people involved including the victim, and this one is one of the best at doing that. The methods seem planned out very well and the slow march towards the victim's demise makes even the hardened gynophage feel sorry for his dinner. Excellent read!  Read here 
  • School Reunion, by Cann_S | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, violence, witnessing, oven, butchering, sisters) Ever had fantasies of your old high-school hottie? This story somewhat played on these fantasies but on a more twisted level. Surprising unpredictable, though it seems like the story ended quite abruptly at the final paragraph. Read here 
  • Sheena, by Captor | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, jungle natives, semi-consensual, BDSM, rape, decapitation, firepit) Sheena, a creature of raw sexuality who enjoys being raped, is abducted by two men obsessed in doing just that and even more. This unique story drips with raw intensity with its heavy dosage of rape and torture scenes. Recommended read for rape and BDSM enthusiasts. Read here 
  • Shiya's Feast, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, eaten alive, non-consensual, secret society, grilling, cooking, violence) Do you eat a woman raw or cooked? Why not both? This tale involving a young actress & dancer strikes that compromise. Even though light on plot, nevertheless, Chewy comes up with another unique dining experience with this delightful story.  Read here 
  • Shugluk's Reward, by Agatha | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (gynophagia, orcs, non-consensual, violence, fantasy, live-gutting, spitroast) Tolkien only touched briefly on the cannibalistic tendencies of the orcs. This story is merely a sidestory illuminating one of many such instances of these less publicized occurences, and it actually pulled it off quite well too, knowing how badly written most fanfictions can be. Read here 
  • Sixth Sun, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, eaten alive) A well written tale, and quite educational from a theological standpoint, worthy as a piece in a book of mainstream short stories, though one shouldn't expect much from it from a purely cannibal story standpoint. Read here 
  • Soul Food, by Fetish Author | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, nubian, butchering) A pretty black girl moves in to a new apartment and befriends a neighbour who has dark intentions for her. What's wonderful with this short & simple tale is how fleshed out the characters are that made them seem real and likeable, especially with the victim that almost makes the reader root for her which is what makes this tale especially delicious. Though a little light on the sexual aspect of the fantasy, more on the culinary, it's a very well-written, easy & lively read, qualities of a truly wonderful tale in a saturated field of fetish short stories. Highly recommended! Read here 
  • The Spoils of War, by Twistd
    (orcs, gynophagia, non-consensual, violence, fantasy, gutting, love story) A sword & sorcery yarn about Grabbak the Orc, who starts to fall in love with his beautiful prisoner-of-war during his journey back to the Orcish stronghold. Writing/Story:N/A Erotic Impact:N/A Read here 
  • Supplying, by ADK | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, lesbian, non-consensual & consensual, hardcore, torture, pussy violence) Set in a Dolcett fantasy world, a young woman submits herself to a dominatrix who has a tainted past. The writing style is excellent with rich characters and original ideas that I won't be surprised if the author was a published writer. However, the one drawback is that this story seems to mainly focus on the relationship between the two women and the torturing that the cannibalism aspect feels like an afterthought. Nevertheless, an excellent example of a story on how to write characters and dialogue. Read here 
  • Susan Apple Pie a la Mode, by Clemstra | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-violent, dessert) This super-short story is unique. Susan, the apple pie, tries to persuade the narrator to eat her, providing instructions and all. Doesn't really offer much in terms of gynophagic fantasy fulfillment, but does stand out with its impishly clever and surreal writing. Read here 
  • That's All, Folks, by Menagerie | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, non-consensual, cartoon, live-cooking, boiling, comedy) A babysitter gets inexplicably transported into the "Wolf and Rabbit show", a Loony-Tunes type cartoon, and maybe this time, the oft luckless Wolf would finally get his meal. An unconventional a story that can't be missed, if not for its sheer originality. Read here 
  • There She Is, by Menagerie | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, kidnapping, decapitation, multiple victims, butchering, redneck, live-gutting, non-consensual) Redneck outcast Lizzie gets her revenge on some of the popular girls at school who are kidnapped by her cannibalistic family and participates in a twisted beauty contest. A nicely done simple story. Read here 
  • There Was Ana, by Metehan | W/S:♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (cannibalism, semi-consensual, commonplace cann, beheading, butchering) It's a little difficult coming up with a synopsis as I still am not clear exactly what is the setup of the tale. A man is driving a sleeping girl, and the next scene he wakes up and finds the girl in the process of being butchered. The setup seems rather vague and the narrative jumps from place to place. That said, the story has an easy-to-read writing style with lifelike characters.  Read here 
  • They Drove Old Dixie Down, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, interracial, butchering, redneck, live-gutting, non-consensual, raw eating, Civil War) Southerners sure make good subjects for cannibalism. In this crisp and immersive tale, four wandering Confederate soldiers fall under desperate times, and nearing hunger, they come across a house with a lone black woman. You can guess what happens next. Read here 
  • The Tokyo Club, by Owl | W/S:♥♥ EI:♥♥
    (gynophagia, androphagia, cannibalism, secret society, Asian, male genitalia, multiple victims, de-breasting, live-roasting, non-consensual) There is a restaurant in Tokyo, that is quite unlike any other eatery in Japan... Fans of 'Asian Cuisine' may enjoy this tale, though femeaters beware for its rather random inclusion of male genitalia on the menu. Although somewhat dated with all-too-familiar plot and descriptions after years of being exposed to the Dolcett cannibal genre, this early tale should be commended for being one of the first Club-X themed stories and a good read for newbies. Read here 
  • Vegetarian's Remorse, by Penombre | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, decapitation, violence, marinating, gutting) A short and sweet tale about a life-long meat lover and his new vegetarian girlfriend who tries to change his artery-clogging ways. But old habits die hard. I love the irony of this tale. PETA vegans beware. Read here 
  • The Waitress, by Cann_S | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, non-consensual, restaurant, secret society, decapitation) Nicola is a beautiful waitress working in a restaurant, where the patrons seem to know more about the establishment than the waitresses working there. A well-balanced piece of work which does a better than average job at creating characters without cardboard personalities. Read here 
  • A Weekend in the Country, by D.E. Russell | W/S:♥♥♥1/2 EI:♥♥♥♥
    (cannibalism, gynophagia, consensual, live-gutting, oven) A classic tale which was turned into video (one of the stories in the Tales from the Cannibal Side if I'm not mistaken). I've always found DE Russell's writings to be like butter; smooth, palatable and goes down very easily. One of my favourite stories on consensual cannibalism. Read here 
  • We Need a Pig, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, non-consensual, eating) A desperate Mr. Hong, after his only pig is spoiled in the fridge, needs to cater to some important dinner guests. However, he comes up with an ingenious idea to come up with a suitable replacement and getting rid of one of his useless but luscious helpers at the same time. Read here 
  • What I Watched the Other Day, by Shih Hu | W/S:♥♥♥♥ EI:♥1/2
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, non-consensual, butchering, decapitation, violence, realistic) The author comes across a mysterious correspondent who seems quite willing to help him go all the way in his cannibalistic fantasies... for the right price. Real or not? You decide. Either way, quite a remarkable read. Read here 
  • Wild Harpy Chase, by Dhavaer | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥1/2
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, non-consensual, fantasy, cooking, futa, lesbian, humanoid) A tale set in a Dungeons & Dragons world where elves, dwarves, harpies & tieflings alike end up on the dinner table along with their human counterparts. If you don't mind the fantasy setting & the occasional futa, this is a well written if not long read that's worth your time. Read here 
  • Wolfen Rampage, by Chewy | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥♥♥1/2
    (gynophagia, werewolf, vore, violence, torture) The closest I have ever got at enjoying a vore story. The way the eating is described is one of the most erotic and sensual I've ever come across. Here is where each bite is savoured and pondered upon, instead of just ravaged and eaten in a hurry. Just a pity that I haven't found this same treatment yet for a cannibal story. Read here 
  • Would You? Really?, by Ellen Delicious | W/S:♥♥♥ EI:♥1/2
    (gynophagia, cannibalism, non-consensual, degradation, non-consensual) A rather sad tale of a poor girl named Flower. A kind of story for the folks out there who are into the degradation aspect of cannibalism, though gynophagia here is only mentioned briefly in passing. Still a decent and unique enough read. Read here 




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