1. Get the access password by subscribing with one of these methods:

a.Subscribestar ($8/$28/$50 and above per month membership options). When subscribed, you may also send additional donations for comics or custom projects at

b.Cryptocurrency including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, BUSD, SOL, ADA , BCH, LTC or more ($8/$28/$50 and above per month membership options.

c.Hiccears (28 H-coins per month membership or 8 H-coins per month, or 100 H-coins to Sponsor a Project at the PROJECT PAGE) Items at the SHOP also exclusively sold here. On how to use Hiccears, click here.

d. For other manual methods such as Google Pay, Ca$h and another unlisted subscription platform I'm unable to disclose here that starts with the letter P, contact me for details.

2. For some of these platforms, once subscribed, log in with the username "acolyte" or "disciple" and sign in with the weekly password that you can find in the most recent post at Subscribestar/Hiccears. Or if you plan to be a long-term member, you can have a personal username account for a more personal touch.