155: These Are Interesting Times

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These are definitely interesting times and in the many iterations of the Circle, they have seen it all. The Spanish Influenza of 1918, The Black Plague in the 14th Century, the two World Wars, the Fall of Rome, every time, each moment tests civilization, but like a cycle of wildfires and new trees that grows from the ashes, humanity will be reborn anew, albeit changed. And that is such with the cycle of the Circle, hence the name. Isn't life an eternal loop? What was the end can be a beginning and vice versa?

The Hellfire Club for hundreds of years ended at the end of the 2nd World War, threatening the bloodline of Asterion, but from the ashes of civilization, a new World Order grows leading into the Golden Age of the Circle, with a new name, the Epicurean Society. And as such, after conflicts within the society at the turn of the Millennium between the Osnovatel and the van Duynes leading into the Treaty of the Diarchy and an uneasy truce, we are brought into a new era of Lucian van Duyne, of the almost unraveling of the society once again from a new era of government surveillance, the internet and the ascendancy of the feminist movement leading up to the investigation of the Financier and his Island.

But again, the Circle endures.

Change is inevitable and respect and lessons learned through tradition and history is tantamount but those who are slaves to the past will inevitably fall. We are at the horizon of a new world, make no mistake about it, and as such with the Circle, braving a new world beyond 2020, it will also change but at Forbidden Feast, we respect and dedicate our stories to the moments throughout the decades, the dark comings and goings, the secret and clandestine dinners, its characters and the lost victims and sacrifices to the dark and delectable delights of these predators.

As with life's cycles, a rhythm of death and rebirth, the Circle endures.




For our very 1st exclusive weekly update of the Disciple level or above, we feature behind the scenes development of a story I'm working on featuring a woman we've seen her before. The short haired, modern female. In life, strong, confident, happy and resolute. But in death, mere chattel for the consumption of men of her nightmares. She would become food for the men in the Circle. This will be an ambitious project, and thanks to a member who helped spark the idea and gave this piece a push. As with this and other ideas thanks to other contributors who gave other projects a push, there will be more to come.

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