191: Eat the Rich

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There will be two updates in quick succession incoming by the end of the month. Here's the 1st featuring an on-going comic story of a girl who has lived her life through luxury, comfort and from her father's wealth. You have seen snippets of it from Carte du Jour #152 and now, we follow a bit of her story after her disappearance, juxtaposed with the horrors on the other end of the curtain. Bon appétit!

Edit: Seeing events that have happened recently has inspired me to make a little change to the title, and also to change fast-track an idea I had in my back pocket for the next update, a series where the rich, socialites, actresses, singers, the privileged few do receive their comeuppance. Stay tuned!



[NAME REDACTED] hasn't been himself since his daughter vanished. When I looked at the timeline of her social media posts, her final activity ended right after she arrived at Białowieża with this mysterious Mr. Greene. Sir, I have eyewitness accounts of this individual from the hotel and the train station, but there are no records to be found. No hunting permits, credit card history, flight logs, accommodation bookings under a person of that description. All we have is the name, Mr. Greene with a false address, contact number and bank details. How did a young woman travel all the way to Eastern Poland without any records of exit or entry.

Private jet?

That would be my guess, Chief Inspector. We can rule out commercial flights. And the same goes for cruises or yachts as it wouldn't fit the timeline.

And the father?

He is strangely uncooperative.

What do you mean by that?

He... well... he shows the hallmarks of a destroyed father, the disappearance of [NAME REDACTED] obviously shook him, but there are some inconsistencies to his statements. especially when I inquired about this mysterious fellow. He seemed strangely reticent to reveal details when I inquired about his relationship with Mr. Greene and a possible link to his daughter's disappearance. He just said that he was a former business associate of whom he had no further ties with and that they went out on one or two hunting excursions with his daughter and nothing more. He was very vague on that. When I asked for more details, he oddly danced around non-answers and he seemed strangely resigned even though we have yet to locate [NAME REDACTED]'s body. She could very well still be alive, but he strangely spoke of her in past-tense. If he didn't have an air-tight alibi in Bristol, I could almost believe that he had something to do with her disappearance himself. And yet, that still doesn't rule out a possibility that he had hired someone else to deal with her. So if I may, Chief Inspector, I would like to look further into his records of his company. This may or may not be related, but through some surface inquiries into his business dealings with the Middle East, there are a few accounting peculiarities that I would like to clear with him, especially that of some rather overpriced-

Permission declined.


That's what I said, Sergeant.

I don't understand, Chief Inspector Sir.

And any non-admission from [NAME REDACTED] isn't enough for me to seek a warrant from the magistrate's office especially with business dealings of this magnitude. That needs to go higher up the chain all the way to the BEIS office and only then, with ample evidence, not on guesswork. Perhaps she ran away from home, or eloped. We're still not sure. Definitely not enough to go looking into private business dealings lest Scotland Yard be accused of dealing with conspiracy theories. Unless a body turns up, I need direct ties of his daughter's disappearance to his business interests. DIRECT. You may interview other members of her family or personal acquaintances. However, I will put in a request to the BEIS regarding [NAME REDACTED]'s for an cursory audit and I'll let you know if we find anything helpful to your investigation.


What I can also do is to connect you to our Polish counterparts... help you uncover this gaping void, of how she ended up in Poland in the first place. And if you think that's not enough, I can send you to Warsaw to see what more you can find at the locations in [NAME REDACTED]'s social media posts. Did you find out what she was doing in Eastern Poland of all places?

If I had to guess, to hunt European Bison. 


Białowieża Forest is a popular natural preserve and hunting ground for bison, sir and looking at her social media posts posing with dead animals from her past hunts, I'm guessing that she has moved on from deer, pheasants and foxes.

I see. And you'd better raise your game in hunting too and find me this mysterious Mr. Greene.

-- the end, for now --


Future update review:

A full-page splash of story I call "Rarotonga" featuring a Pacific Island/Tropical setting is forthcoming in the next update, in the meantime as I make some touch-ups, here is a snippet, a piece of roast that looks unnervingly familiar. A piece only ardent anatomists would recognize as not of any kind of roast, but that of a piece much, much more grotesque... and tempting.

And finally, here is a bonus artwork of a previously piece of an abandoned comic story I did a while back and I am not sure what to do with it at the moment. Alas, here it is, in its orphaned state. This takes place in a scene of a slaughterhouse with slender slabs hanging on the hooks. Perhaps this may fit in a future story somewhere.


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