187: The Unholy See

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Christmas is here, and with that all the company and the spirits dark shadows that come at the dead of winter. Perhaps the ghosts of the dearly devoured will follow you in the afterlife. With this, a somewhat apt post related to this most holy (or unholy day for some)...

Bon app├ętit!



Excerpt from "Zacharias", a member of the Doe Patrol, published in the Lantern Bearer publication dated 25 December 2020.

Have you ever been to the European cathedrals? Inside Museums holding medieval Christian relics holding remnants of long dead Saints, Popes and Bishops? There is a palpable sense to morbidity the people tend to overlook. Sit and pray under the austere golden lined paintings of Christ the Lord, the Mother Mary... but over there, on that alcove in the shadows hide a glass coffin of skeletal remains. A painted vessel of a porcelain head but within holds a skull, a revered object of remembrance. Why is that so? This is quite an unusual practice we all assume to be normal, but if you think about it, it is steeped in pagan mysticism since the Skull Cult of the Younger Dryas.

It is the eternal ego rising forth, conquering ones enemies, holding memories and history hostage in a jar for you to collect and to hold.

You think the Vatican is all holy and righteous? That is all a public relations front for the unwitting masses to see. Nobody sees the inner conflict within the Holy See. As Above, So Below... the Emerald Tablet's cryptic quote hints at the existence of a hidden Church. A reverse mirror of the Papacy we see, perhaps an Antipope, men clad in the cloth of blood and darkness, of the underground and occult practices one dare only imagine, worshipping a deity more evil and ancient than that of Christianity.

The clues of the real truth are there, peppered in public in plain sight, but the hidden meaning is coded as a mockery to the sleeping public, the convenient sheep for whom the wolves would cull and devour.

Open your eyes! Look beyond the veil and you will see the wizard behind the curtain! It is there, it is all there! There is the Holy Trinity, as well as the Unholy version of it... my secret source has alluded to that. A ritual. We had the Father, Son and Holy Ghost... and the mirrored version of that, of the Sacred Feminine... The Mother, The Daughter, The Sacred Manna, flesh, to be feasted on and revered. And three rituals to accompany this, that of the Pure, the Penitent and the Sinner... each with varying methods of flagellation... punishment or... transformation... will cleanse them so as they will be able to ascend into immortal statehood within the ancient catacombs of the Museum.

This is my suspicion, and you can take this all as rumor or hearsay from a raving lunatic with a vivid imagination... but will all the information I have gathered, it is all plain to see. There is much to see in between the matter that these powers want you NOT to see. And we were so close.

We have still not heard from our operative.

She must have seen something before we lost contact. I cannot begin to imagine what they'd do to her. What did she find? What did she see? Was she discovered and taken or did she flee and hide from us all fearing for her life? I don't know if we will ever know. Her partner comes to us occasionally, asking to see if we've heard from her. He himself has gone underground fearing for his life.

We were close, very close to the truth, but again, it slips right through our fingers. These people are powerful and wily, and not to be messed with. Heed my message. This work is dangerous. The Doe Patrol will need to redouble our efforts to cover our tracks as those who look into this further have had calamities befall them. I know not what to tell you, my dear Lantern Bearer readers what to think or do, only that you need to open your eyes, hard as the truth may be, that we are the cattle and there are those out there who would pick us off one by one.

Stay vigilant!




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