Carte du Jour

Dinner is served!

As a member of the Gourmet Club and an individual of discerning tastes, make yourself comfortable as we prepare for you our very special menu involving the most succulent and exquisite of meats. A tasty sampler of excerpts of the epic Tales of the Vanished series that spanned decades filled with tales of vanished women, cannibalistic dynasties, secret societies and hidden conflicts beyond the veil. Tales told at the dinner table filled with dishes most beautiful and sensual. And as appetisers, we still serve sketches and stand-alone artworks, of the famous and the fictitious. Feel free to indulge to your heart’s desires and explore the lavish spread we have provided for you below but be forewarned, these menu items won’t remain here for much longer. Such is life. Here today, gone tomorrow.

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Viewer discretion is advised, for the contents beyond this point are not for the faint-hearted and may change how you see women forever.

Gourmet Club