Journal #4: Some Works in Progress

Admittedly, my approach to expanding the Tales of the Vanished comic may be quite ambitious, jumping from scene to scene following many multiple characters in different countries and decades which was why I hope my approach to these comics, though spottily addressed here and there, a sequel panel popping up months or even a year later. That's what happens when I am the sole writer, artist and layout artist and whatever you call the other jobs from start to finish. This series I've started, from me and me alone.

Sometimes there's a struggle to spread the works, to keep the quality. And sometimes, because of the nature of this fantasy, it's a little hard to bring in too many people into this. Well, I hope to create and finish as many as I can before I get too old for this and lose attention. So far, there's a lot in the well. So far, here's a couple of works, one NSFW, another SFW on one of the many pages I'm working on.

The first piece is a WIP of a sequel panel to an older piece, JUDY 1978 if older patrons can remember. The second is a concept sketch of another victim of Carlos Zepeda set in the latter years of 2012, when once he was a measured crime boss who only devours the loved ones of his rivals to one whose diet now consists of solely young sacrifices offered up to him like the ancient Cretans to the Minotaur. The War on Drugs, the Cartel Wars in Mexico of the 2000's and beyond. That was what brought to his rise and hubris, close to the heights of Emperor Bokassa in the 70's. Would that become his downfall? Would he become too brazen for Lucian van Dyne and even Aleksei Kokhorov?

Soon I'm thinking of releasing panels into the SHOP of the pages that've been rotated out. Balancing the time between creating new stories and releasing older ones can be a daunting task so I thank you for your patience. And your feedback is always appreciated to maybe point me in the right direction if I'm heading in the wrong direction. I read those emails with the time I have. Thanks again for your support, members. I always strive to keep you well fed and satiated, sexually and gastronomically.

And finally, to members who may have missed out on the earlier panels of the recently completed Carne Asada story from panel 1-36, you can PM me your account name and payment info. I'll email you the links for you to download.

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