SPECIAL #100: In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, Thank You!

For our very special #100 edition of the Carte du Jour which happens to fall also on Thanksgiving, I would like to have this opportunity the give thanks to all in the community and those who have supported me and my art especially during the challenging times in the past months. With your support, I feel like I would want to continue stronger than ever to tell the stories in the Tales of the Vanished series and other endeavours. It really takes a lot of effort from me to finish even a single page of artwork and to write the stories and it looks like the extra effort to add better stories and artwork has paid off. And so to highlight my somewhat obsessive nature with my art, I am sharing many of my unfinished "Thanksgiving" style poses of my sketches, many of which are scenes yet to be included in the TOTV story. As you can see, there are a lot more in the works. In the meantime, we have another completed page from the series I hope you all will enjoy. A continuation of the "Samhain Sacrifice" story which I thought I would hold off for next year's Halloween since I missed this year, but in the spirit of THANKS, and in this world, the dark spirit of Halloween usually never leaves us, I bring this to you. Again, thank you!

Fall, 1973, The Van Dyne family estate in Vermont. We continue with what happened to Sheryl's carcass in Update #85's Samhain Sacrifice, where the elite members of the Van Dyne family perform an ancient Pagan hunting ritual. 

Tales of the Vanished: Carne Asada, Summer, 1999, Coahuila, Mexico: More of the story of Carlos Aníbal Zepeda. Now it's time to add the herbs and spices. (panel 22-23)

Dish du Jour: UPDATE #100 THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION sketches: We serve a big bumper banquet of various sketches for your dining pleasure.

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