Recipes IV: Lechon-Style Long Sow with Lemongrass & Spicy Sauce

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I. THE HOLLOW HALVES (1 full color artwork)

We sat slumped on our seats, sated, even sleepy. I felt that come-down, brain-fogged haze coming out of the euphoria of what I and my rare fellow invitees had just feasted on. The dining room had been modest, repurposed for just this very visit, but otherwise, had taken place in a nondescript McMansion in the middle of an abandoned real-estate development. We sweated under the disposable plastic aprons that clung thick to our bodies that protected our expensive business attire from the contact of a most heinous crime. Whether it had been the sexual ecstasy, or just mere content, we were spent. 

What had we just dined upon? I could not even begin to comprehend. So unworldly, so unreal. Searching my feelings through my through this new experience, do I detect a hint of shame, of guilt? 

The six diners that the organisation had assembled helped each other reduce much of the creature into piles of bones and gristle and we had concurred through short, sheepish conversations with a tinge of guilt and shame, that we were experiencing some sort collective fem-induced delirium. But despite our best efforts, there was still plenty of flesh on the bones left to eat. All were choice cuts. The sight of the recently devoured carcass of two split halves but one part remained untouched. That which gave the identity of the donor.

That barbecued halved sow had cost each diner the better part of a year's salary of a high-powered CEO, but the sacrifice was much more than monetary. We six, we were all in the hands of the Circle now. The not-very-conspicuous cameras set-up around the dining room saw to that as collateral. Was it all worth it? We were told that the ultimate sin must be required. In exchange, for a meal that is considered unforgettable. It was an amazing experience, to see a girl reduced from whole, to pieces, hollowed out for our dining pleasure. Once soft, designed for lovemaking and childbearing, her use shifted to be as objects of desire, to serve as nourishment with a taste of heaven.

These raw materials were presented to us in pairs, two halves disassembled and emptied of its bowels, still resembled a thing of beauty. We saw her alive days before, proud, fit and strong. Then cleanly dissected, read meat exposed, to be later roasted to a golden brown, Filipino Lechon-style with a flavor of lemongrass and sweet spicy sauce.

The height of gastronomy prepared by the one only known to us by his pseudonym, the Pitmaster. Masked in an eerie grin. It had been alluded that he was well known amongst the jet-setter global traveler crowd of the known world and not the hidden, liminal realm we preside in. He could have ran one of the five-star Michelin restaurants. Was I patron to one of them? We were told this evening's fare was part of an ambitious new menu of massive cuts of meat, a recent addition after stint in South-East Asia and that we should be so lucky. Not many in the society would have such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and with that, he didn't disappoint.

Even though the meal had been more than enough for a party of six, it is the chef's position that the sow be served as is, almost 40 pounds of pure meat in semi-recognizable form, any leftovers shall not be wasted, re-cooked, re-fried, re-boiled depending on the chef's observation, for this holy flesh shall not be left for the crows. The flesh must remain visually reminiscent of that dominant apex being, the embodiment of beauty.

II. THE RECIPE (2 color alternate versions)

Main Ingredients
2 halves of Long Sow (butchered in Halved Midi Cuts- gutted, forelimbs removed)
2.5 lbs Onions
2.5 lbs Garlic
15 bundles of Lemongrass
2 lbs Leeks
2 lbs Scallions
1 lbs Chives
1 lbs Shallots
4 cups Sprite/Seven-Up
20 Bay Leaves
1/4 lbs Star Anise
4 cups (800g) Fleur de Sel salt and Pepper
3 cups Evaporated breast-milk (to glaze)
1 cup Soy Sauce

Dipping Sauce
1 whole diced Liver Paté
1 bottle Filipino Suka Vinegar
1 cup Brown Sugar
1 lb Onion
1 lb Garlic
Chimayo Chili Powder
2 lbs Breadcrumbs

The Long Sow Lechon can either be prepared with as a suckling pig if the subject is small, but for larger animals, it is recommended that the carcass be bisected sagittally along the spine, weighing 25-40 lbs combined. After the long sow has been slaughtered, its entrails are removed, and the hair is removed by scraping or by burning the skin. The subject is then washed inside and out with boiling water. It is then rubbed with Fleur de Sel and Pepper, and massaged with a concoction of Onions, Shallots, Leeks, Scallions, Chives, Garlic, Brown Sugar and Bay Leaves both inside and out.

Traditionally, the sow may be skewered on a long bamboo pole or sometimes replaced with a metal rod. With two halves, one may use a grill over a flame. It is the chef's recommendation that this step is done before brushing the pig with the Lemongrass Bundles, crushed star anise and evaporated breast-milk.

Cook over hot coals. It is key to roast the long sow slowly so the juices may remain inside the flesh. Eventually, the meat will becomes tender and thoroughly cooked, and the skin turns a crisp golden-red. Depending on the size of the pig, roasting can take from 7 to up to 9 hours or until meat is tender. This is done by constantly rotating the skewer or flipping over the carcass with tongs. To make the skin reddish brown and crispy, it needs to be glazed regularly during baking. The most ideal method is to include evaporated breast-milk diluted with some water and soy sauce, added to it a modern unconventional ingredient, that is Sprite on 7up although brown sugar may suffice.

Even though the long sow results in perfectly succulent meat, occasionally it can be served with sauce. The sauce is made with liver or liver pâté, which is mixed with Filipino suka vinegar, brown sugar, onion, garlic, and breadcrumbs. The Chimayo Chili Sauce is added with the amount subject to the diner's spice-level preference.


III. SUPPLEMENTARY WORKS IN PROGRESS (4 colored works in progress + 1 black & white sketch)

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