268: The Sorrowful Sacrifice

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Dear Patrons,

The Unholy Calendar of the Circle Elite draws close, a forgotten feast. The Feast of the Penitent and the Pure. Herein, members within this Circle Elite draw upon the theme of reflection. Hence, a rekindling of a past story, of the curly-haired lass in the story arc, MISSING IN JAPAN / HIKIKOMORI which involves a willing victim who fell prey to her loneliness and melancholy, seeking that final purpose, one that she could offer so much for people about whom she knew so little.

As with many stories, it takes a while to ideate and flesh out the story, like steering a ship to begin a story, and thanks to another charitable patron, I will also be adding another curly-haired lass on the menu, of which a preview is also shown below. It may be a longer process for some, but hopefully as always, the wait will be well worth it.

Bon appétit!

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I. GIRL, PRESENTED (2 full color artworks)

The lithe donor is presented for your dining pleasure in more ways than one...

... revealing her finest assets.

II. WORKS IN PROGRESS (3 progressive shaded work-in-progress of a similar scene to I)

Here are some stages of the aforementioned works, as hopefully some of the artistically inclined may find value in these images.


III. BONUS WORKS IN PROGRESS AND SKETCHES (3 shaded work-in-progress, 2 black & white sketch)

The first and second are that of trophies of the hunt. A great conquest requires a worthy place on the wall and on the mantel.

The third is that of a feast in progress. Cultists dismantling the Pinafore Cut, beginning with its most intimate areas.

The final, is a study on the handling of the Maillot Cut and its interior. Perhaps coming soon?

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