267: The Midi Cut

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Dear Patrons,

For this update, we feature on a certain type of cut. Called the Midi Cut, this piece consists of the torso with the limbs removed at the elbow and knee joints. Other nomenclatures used within the Circle Elite's Dining Club include the Cheongsam Cut, Qipao Cut and the Speedsuit Cut, but at large, the Midi Cut is what is mostly used within their secret banquet halls and abattoirs.

Sit back and enjoy various scenes featuring this piece. In the future, we may feature other cuts, one similar piece called the Maillot Cut where the limbs are cut much closer to the hip and shoulders or the Tailleur Cut where the carcass is presented whole, minus the head.

Bon appétit!

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II. TRANSPORTING THE MIDI CUT (1 full color artwork, 1 shaded work-in-progress)


III. BONUS SKETCHES ( 1 shaded work-in-progress, 2 black & white sketches)

The first, features a dish of a pair of split Midi Cuts served to order.

The second, features the butcher manhandling a fit n' fresh Midi Cut.


The third, features the half carved remains for a summer barbecue.

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