266: It All Comes Together As She Comes Apart

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Dear Patrons,

We have a short vignette today, as part of the LAST DAYS OF WINTER storyline which takes place in the preceding summer. But the Piece de Resistance that I had teased for the past couple of Carte du Jours have finally culminated into its completion and I hope you enjoy today's Carte du Jour. It took a lot of effort to bring this all together.

Bon appétit!

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I. IT ALL COMES TOGETHER AS SHE COMES APART (1 full colored artwork, 2 version sketches of this scene)

Presenting the full version of this artwork. There may be more accompanying scenes to come.

Here are two bonus sketches featured here of earlier versions. This is a peek into my creation process as you can see how the piece looks different to the end result.


What's in a name?

The Green Man.

Is it because he is a man of nature? Why not Red, the color of blood? Or Black, the color of hidden mysteries. Or Gold, of immeasurable wealth and power?

There is a history to his moniker that harkens back tens of millennia, of the Great God Pan, the Man with the Flute who lures unsuspecting waifs to their oblivion. Maybe Green is the color of money, but that is a construct of a more modern expression of the color of the American dollar bill. Green with envy? Another construct that emerged from relative modernity. From Othello written by the Great Bard:

“Beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on …”

Only half true. Not jealousy. Most certainly lust. Perhaps wrath. But it is true that he revels in savoring the meat he feeds on, especially those he feels are deserving of just desserts. Those who attempt to feed him the flesh of his helpless kith and kin processed in a manner most unnatural between cages of steel and industry, the machinations of Ahriman, they deserve a most special providence. It is a sad demise and their flesh is unworthy in death even though the beings had been worthy in life. It is a more worthy death to be hunted in their habitat, to be spared a thought before their death. He will show her the right way to honor the flesh on the flame. It is her sin of vanity that she wants to be seen and worshipped. So it shall be.

She shall be the apple of his eye. She will be adored if only for a momentary season until her transformation when the two shall come together in complete oneness.

But for now, he will temper his fury, politely abstain the summer's offering with a simpler reason that he is a practicing vegan and have thoughts of delicious winter to come.

Daughters of Eve. Flesh of Fem. The Hairless Doe.

-- the end? --

III. PLAYING WITH THE MIDI CUT (2 works in progress of 1 scene, 1 black & white sketch)

Some upcoming scenes featuring the preparation of the "Midi Cut".

III. XXX (2 works in progress of 1 scene)

Here's a piece I'd planned for one of the stories, most likely from the FINANCIER'S ISLAND/SEASON OF SACRIFICE & SLAUGHTER or The WEALTHY SACRIFICE story arc at the time of writing.

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