263: A Brush with Death

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Dear Patrons,

Here's one more update before the next password change cycle which should arrive sooner than later. For this piece, I'm trying a new experiment which I had alluded to in the previous update. I am trying to combine different artworks into one larger scene and the updates is broken up in threes. The first is included into this update while the other two will come in the next two culminating in the whole scene. It is hard to describe in words, so I'll let the images tell the tale so that you all will know what I'm getting at. For now, as the summer's heat gets into full swing and if the weather report can be believed, record temperatures will be documented, perhaps we all will feel the same "heat" as the sacrifices that are hunted, slaughtered, cooked and served for barbecues and picnics, for they would feel this heat the most.

But enough dallying, on to the show. Bon app├ętit! 

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I. BRUSH WITH DEATH (2 works in progress & 1 full color artwork of 1 scene)

Dab her rump with glaze of honey. As the artists daubs his artworks with paint and color, the cook paints the flesh with a coating of sweet herbs and oils, particular relish when he explores the most "intimate" areas.

We play with an angled spit designed to be shallow on one end and taller at the other. To what purpose is this designed that way. Aesthetics, of course. Raise that rump for it is her best asset! 

The following are sneak peaks into my process. I have left the background white, possibly to be used in a larger composition in the future.

II. CULT OF THE GREEN MAN (1 full color artwork, 1 sketch + 1 shaded WIP + 4 black  & white inks)

This is the composition I am referring to in the preamble. I begin with the first figure, one who holds the tray of the carved carcass. Deep in the heart of the American Southeast, lies areas of poverty, missing individuals, urban legends, lore, crime, drugs, corrupt officials, and uncharted caves. A perfect location for the Circle Elite to conduct their heinous operations.

This is one of the Work-in-Progress pieces.

These are sketches of the three subjects and a possible layout of the final piece combined.

III. THE COLUMN CUT (2 variations of 1 scene, 2 black & white sketches + 2 shaded WIPs)

Here's more development of a previous sketch, a column cut and a pair of hands who reach into parts that the victim would once cry out in indignation. "How dare you touch me there?" I like how this turned out enough that this is practically a guarantee that I will complete this piece in full touched-up color.

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