262: These Legs Aren’t Made For Walking

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Dear Patrons,

For this update, I present to you further panels from ongoing stories with a "summer" theme, added to this due to the upcoming  festive 4th of July, we feature barbecues, picnics and an addition "American" slant featuring the Hunter's Cabinette's storyline. I will be short in words, for this one. On to the updates and bon app├ętit! 

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I. HUNTER'S CABINETTES: THESE LEGS AREN'T MADE FOR WALKING (2 works in progress & 1 full color artwork of 1 scene)

This panel furthers the storyline "Hunter's Cabinettes" storyline as featured here and here. For those who'd like a sneak peak into my process, you may see them here. First, I begin with a sketch, then a tighter/cleaner version of the sketch, and on to the lighting/shading until finally...

I complete the piece in full color.

II. AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (1 free full color artwork versions of 1 scene, 1 sketch + 1 shaded WIP + 1 colored almost complete artwork of 1 scene)

Finally the full version of the artwork as featured in the previous update in full color.

And here's the version without the "perpetrators".

III. ODDS & ENDS (4 black & white sketches)

The following are sketches of future works. The first is one from the CALIPHATE storyline, the second is for an unnamed project while the last two are further ideas for the HUNTER'S CABINETTES storyline.

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