261: Miss Sommar

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Dear Patrons,

The Summer Solstice is upon us. Midsommar. A day rife with rituals. In the past, we had explored through vignettes the story "Far From Home" aka "The Brazen Bull" featuring a Native American girl lost in Scandinavia which I plan to revisit sometime later. But this update, to celebrate the height of the summer, we feature barbecues, surfer girls, the story "American Nightmare" and coming on the horizon, more excerpts from the "Hunstman" and the Roadhouse storyline.

Having suffered from biting off more than I can chew, I realized that creating an entire piece takes a lot of time which is why I am releasing different mosaics; meaning, smaller elements of an entire composition piece by piece so that I won't overwork myself. For example, in the following feature "Surf & Turf" with the surfer girl's legs displayed on an auction, I have isolated the auctioneers separately to be completed later. And the composition with the pair of legs on a BBQ picnic setting is part of a larger piece. I have found myself taking forever, and possibly even fatigued thinking about finishing the whole damn thing. So I've decided to start small and perhaps work the other parts in later. Working on backgrounds and other accompanying artworks do take up a lot of my time and I wonder sometimes if that's what you've come here for. Portraits of the characters who inhabit this universe, their tools, their environments, how much of that would you find as interesting as the girls on the platter themselves?

You know what, I'll put that up to a vote! I am curious to what you all think.

Would you like me to flesh out the drawings within the Forbidden Feast universe, ie. other characters, environment, object designs and not just focusing on drawing the girls?

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In the meantime, happy dining and bon app├ętit!

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I. SURF & TURF (1 free full color artwork versions of 1 scene, 1 sketch + 1 shaded WIP + 1 colored almost complete artwork of 1 scene)

The girl has been reconstituted into a trophy of a classical manner while the auctioneers begin their bids.

II. AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2 versions of a WIP of 1 scene, 1 shaded color artwork of a similar scene)

The dressing of the carcass is about to begin.


Summer is at its peak. So are picnics, pit roasts and pulled "pork" on the grill.

IV. BONUS WIP ARTWORKS (9 shaded variations of 1 scene)

These are a series of sketched works from the CALIPHATE storyline and I'm playing around with different actions/scenarios. I couldn't quite choose which action is my favorite. I may separate this piece into different elements to combine later.


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