264: Memories of Summer

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Dear Patrons,

Two projects are on display today, The Caliphate and The Last Days of Winter. With that, the progression of the BBQ/Picnic scene as I'd alluded to in the previous post. There should be one more post before the final piece is unveiled and hopefully, if this approach to my art is successful, I'll be doing more like it. I do not want to go through the motions. I want to strive for works of art at the level of what I call, Magnum Opus. 

I've been taking a short break from stories lately and I hope you don't mind. What I'm doing now is padding the artwork to the tales I've already told in the past in hopes that I will touch up and revisit them sometime in the future as we inch inexorably towards each tales' conclusion.

Bon app├ętit!

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I. CALIPHATE: THE COLUMN CUT (2 full color artworks variations of 1 scene, 1 free black & white sketch)

Sketch of the Caliphate leader admiring the hands of the Agent.


II. LAST DAYS OF WINTER: MEMORIES OF SUMMER (1 finished full-color artwork, 1 black & white sketch, 2 works in progress of 1 scene)

The Green Man sits in the shadow watching his quarry prepare a summer barbecue meal, thinking of the winter to come. 

Work-in-progress artwork of the Green Man's quarry.


III. SUMMER (1 black & white sketch + 1 shaded work in progress)

Pulled long pork and grubby hands.

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