270: Dressed for the Occasion

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Dear Patrons,

The Witching Hour is nigh and I can't leave you without an update for this is the most apt of occasions, I feel, in accordance to the theme of what I draw and write. First off, I have heard your feedback regarding the AI art approach and I will take that into consideration and see if I can incorporate them into the stories. Let it be known, for the more "on-topic" scenes, such as the butchery, disassembly, preparation, cooking and ingestion, these will remain organically my own art drawn by my own hands. And I'm also quite sure you will be able to tell the difference if I had "cheated".

If there is value to organic art, and seeing that the existence of human-made art is increasingly rare perhaps, I should also put up another poll fairly soon asking if there's any interest in purchasing physical hand-drawn artworks I had done in the past. These will be ink and pencil drawn sketches such as the ones shown here. Some of these being much older as most of my more recent works of mine are now done digitally through a digital tablet. It does save plenty of space but it makes me wonder if I should go back to the old method of drawing on paper, scanning, then touching it up digitally. I sometimes wonder if there's even a demand for these from "art collectors" similar to whether there's a demand for actual work from Dolcett himself. And what would they be worth? Do I even see myself as someone deserving of this? I can't answer this but perhaps I'll put this question/poll up for you soon.

For this update, a simple theme is presented, that is of characters being "dressed" in a similar way of carcasses, or "dressed" as in presented in a costumed garb.

On to the show. Bon app├ętit!

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I. LET THE SHOW BEGIN (1 free full-color artwork, 1 full color artwork for DISCIPLE members or higher)

A man is provided the opportunity. This is who will end up on his platter in a few days time. 

But first, let the moment sink in and let him enjoy the view before play and then dinner.



II. THE MASKED BUTCHER WEARING HIS NEW HAT (1 full color artwork for Disciple members and higher)

We wear hats during Halloween as parts of our costume and disguise. This butcher is no different. However, his hat is rather unique, grotesque and beautiful.

III. SKETCHES OF A LARA CROFT IDEA (3 black & white sketches for Disciple members and higher)

Here is a past idea from a proposed commission which has been placed on the backburner for now. Perhaps something can come of this in the future.

IV. BONUS WORKS IN PROGRESS (2 works in progress for Disciple members and higher)

And here are a few more odds and ends or some rather ambitious ideas.

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