253: Gutting Room Floor

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Just a bit of news. I will be recalibrating the update schedule so for this update, so no DISCIPLE tier password refresh for the month of February which is about to end (or just ended for some) anyway. I will do so for the next one and start the month of March fresh. This way, I can make it so that the 1st update should be back to the 1st update of the month as it should've been in the first place before I started letting it get a little too late in the month. However, after this update, the schedule should have been maintained at 3 Carte du Jours a month.

So onward to the update with this one on a variation of a theme that's not as explored here as much as it could! A messy process, but in the eyes of the secret dining Circle, it has to be done to transform the beauty from one form to another. Bon app├ętit!

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I. SCENES FROM THE GUTTING ROOM FLOOR (3 full color artworks)

These are variations of scenes of stories featured here. Gutted. Emptied. Decapitated. Dehumanized. All that remains becomes meat and flesh.



II. SKETCHES FROM THE GUTTING ROOM FLOOR (2 black and white sketches)

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