252: Fugue States

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Dear Patrons,

Admittedly, as I juggle all these stories at the same time, it brings me in a state of fugue for this update. So I've got to come clean. Sometimes, juggling so many stories may get a little overwhelming. I probably should start to have a narrower focus. Thanks to a couple of patrons, I've decided to fast-track a couple of storylines, drawing some set-up scenes one of which being THE CALIPHATE of which a couple of panels are shown here. So what I've decided to do is to share some of the progressions of the stories I have on the PROJECTS side of things. But among these "setup" scenes, I try my best to add some juicy bits (especially a nice piece of rump from the Mausoleum story!) to keep you sated and well-fed while try to catch up with the next update. Bon appétit!

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I. MOMENT FROM THE CALIPHATE (1 colored finished artwork + 1 black & white sketch)

Here's a setup scene for the CALIPHATE storyline which takes place somewhere in a Middle Eastern war-zone.

And here's a sketch of what happens to one of the characters. A bit of foreplay, mayhaps?

II. MOMENT FROM THE MAUSOLEUM (1 colored finished artwork)

What did Al Pacino say in Scent of a Woman? Oh yes. "She got a GREAAAT ASSSS!"

III. MOMENT FROM LUA MATER (1 colored finished artwork)

As per discussion on Discord, members would like to see some of the ladies in life and I've begun to work more scenes and artwork as such as you can see around here. This is one proposed for one of the storylines, most likely, LUA MATER.

IV. MOMENT FROM SLENDER HARVEST (1 shaded unfinished work in progress)

Revisiting Cristoph Van Duyne's favorite past-time, the craft of the Human Jamon, The Slender Harvest.

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