250: Watching You Watching Me

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Dear Patrons,

I so very much wanted to make an on-themed update. The big 250 and a brand new year! I wanted to create a "quartered" theme update. Add to that also a new Chinese Lunar New Year where I have such a juicy idea regarding the Chinese Matron storyline and some more "Asian" dishes. Christmas comes, and one expects Christmas themed content. New Year comes and one expects a New Year content. And ultimately, I put a little too much on my plate and promised too much which added to the stress and with the way I work, it is a paralyzing feature when it comes to me sitting down, relaxing and thinking up the best stories for you all. I have laid out cursory visual ideas but instead of rushing them through and creating substandard work, I rather hold them off until I am satisfied with them. You will still no doubt see some drawings of what I had in mind, so in fact this update will be somewhat still be "on themed" but only in sketched form.

With how I work, my mind works fleetingly... the more I plan, the worse my work becomes. Inspiration does come suddenly and seemingly at random depending on what I have at the time. In the end, I have decided to forego that battle as the month comes to a close with a different sort of Carte du Jour. That added stress to make this post on-theme or to delay any further, I've decided to post and start with a fresh mind without obligations to a theme, which is usually how I come up with my best works. Works that surprise you. I hope you won't mind, my patrons.

In the end, the quality of my artwork will not suffer. But it will be a battle to hold things off just to come up with a post that suit the theme, or just post something. Anything.

But enough using this platform as a place to post my thoughts, you are here for the art, and this is one of those bumper updates that's worth two to make up for the wait, with 3 full colored art and a load of sketches as a bonus, this is one you'd not want to miss! A Bon appétit to a new year to all and on to update #250!

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I. WATCH YOU WATCH ME (1 full color artwork)

The complete full color artwork of a work in progress previously posted of the Midicut being lovingly "handled" with her as witness. The ultimate violation!

II. SPREADING THE PANTALON CUT (1 full color artwork)

This is a piece I originally envisioned as part of Recipes II, but I may have a different use for this piece in another story.

III. SLEEPING MERMAID (1 full color artwork)

Shhhh... don't wake her up. This piece I had completed in ink a while back and now I decided to finish up in color. A very herbal and soupy dish which I had planned for the Chinese Matron storyline. Trust her to come up with the most creative dishes with outrageous names and this one's no different. I may tough this one up even further for a future Recipe but for now, it is here for your viewing pleasure.

We can consider this a Chinese Lunar New Year themed feast for the occasion!

IV. AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2 works in progress of 2 scenes each)

This is a work in progress of a story I'm working on. Abandoned shopping malls, gentlemen brought in to watch, and a sacrifice that needed to be made.

IV. SKETCHED QUARTERS (7 black & white sketches)

Quarters, hindquarters, forequarters galore. These sketches are loose sketches, a figure study of the female form one can say. These are very rough ideas for now, but looks to see some ideas evolve or developed into something more complete in the future. I don't know about you, but I think I quite like the free-form loose-pen look to these sketches as opposed to some of my measured inking. What do you think?

BONUS: WATCH ME WATCH YOU ALT VERSION (1 full color artwork)

This is an altered version of the 1st artwork as thanks for one of my loyal Patrons who's generous support really help to keep the lights open. Hope you like this, Paige!

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