249: Bodies of Work

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Dear Patrons,

One more update before the password change coming very soon in a few days to catch up with my regular update schedule, and the first one since the new year. With this, I'd though I'd cater you with various bodies of work, (pun intended) especially in regards to the torso which adds a little "heft" to your diet! A narrative lite update but one I'd hope you'll appreciate.

Added to this, I've included some upcoming sketches towards a story idea called "American Nightmare" as a celebration of urban decay, abandoned shopping malls, failed real estate projects and the secret goings on in the halls within.

Bon appétit!

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I. BODIES OF WORK (2 full color artworks + 1 alt version, 2 colored works in progress artworks)

Here are some artwork of loving hands laying, and playing. Their tender touches titillate the areas of the body if only she was still alive to feel them. Would she care?

II. Sketches (2 black & white sketches)

Here's a couple of scenes of an idea in the setting of an abandoned mall and a dark sacrifice to be performed within.

III. BONUS: Face of Fear (1 full color artwork)

The face one sees in her final moment.

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