Journal 14: “Forbidden”

For today's brief journal before the next Gourmet Club update coming soon, I'd like to give a brief update on what I'm working on currently. Here's a coloured version for subscribers of a previous page of the scene depicted at update #128 where we see more mental anguish on the part of the intrepid journalist Sue Walsh as she discovers firsthand what the Circle does to their missing victims.

Also here at Forbidden Feast, we'd like to take this opportunity to highlight the wonderful work Agatha has done with her very on-topic and "delicious" short films, especially one that features yours truly as I play the mysterious 'shadow' chef in this Twistd approved tale called (aptly I might add) "Forbidden". It's been a pleasure to see a fellow master at work with a different media, and she's also not a bad artist too I might add.

Click on the screenshot preview image here to purchase the video so you can tell me how I did on my debut as an actor! 

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