Forbidden Feast Comics Issue #5 [$18]

Forbidden Feast is proud to announce the 3rd issue, with the theme, "Sacred Cradle", with a particular focus on that part of the body that is most holy and sacred, one that births life, and also brings so much sexual pleasure. Here at Forbidden Feast Comics #5, we introduce a new use for this part... a function that is as equally as primal as sex... that is for sustenance. (For those who have been loyal subscribers to the site the content has been updated from the one previously seen at the Gourmet Club with an additional panel and much improved artworks for the story, "Butchering the Vanquished" to keep you interested, though the story remains the same.)

Forbidden Feast Magazine is a publication with stories of erotic, creepy, sensual, violent and despicably gruesome horror and not to mention, loads of horrific scenes where the Forbidden Flesh of beautiful ladies are served. Those of the faint of heart and the gastronomically unadventurous beware for this won't be the place for you.

This publication is available in a pay-per-view or buy-it-now format separately from the regular monthly subscription method.

Here's a preview of what you can find inside:

Sacred Cradle

(14 images, 3 pages, full colour) What goes on behind closed doors in the deep bowels of San Francisco's Chinatown in the 70's. In the world the the Tales of the Vanished, it never is good especially for the tastier gender. Here, we are introduced to one such member, the Chinese Matron whose pursuit of culinary excellence precedes all thoughts of morality, especially to her fellow woman as in this tale, she prepares the most sacred part of the female anatomy, the Sacred Cradle.

The Alien Choice

(5 images, 1 page, full colour) A fun little comic about a group of little green men coming to Earth to decide what of the planet's bountiful assets to be used as food for their race. Which creature would they choose to nourish their alien appetites? After all, in their points of view, humans are as much animal as other critters on this planet.

Butchering the Vanquished

(29 images, colour) Our featured presentation and part of the Tales of the Vanished series. After defeating her opponent is a fight to the death, the victor, one that is crowned as the Lua Mater, (or Mother Destroyer in Latin, would have been on the chopping block herself save for her prowess in combat. Instead, she serves the Circle as a butcher and chef, preparing the vanquished for the coming feast. Special care is given to her most sacred cradle.


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