Journal #12: More on the Altar of the Minotaur

What is this Altar of the Minotaur? We have been previously introduced to this ancient relic in Gourmet Club Update #122. These illustrated previews follows scenes after the page you see on that update, the slow disassembly of the subject with only the head remaining untouched, left hanging like a trophy.

For the first image free for guests, one sees men in masks cutting off the leg of the victim, and the second (exclusive to Gourmet Club members) shows a closeup of the remains after much of half of the body has been portioned for the diners. Half of her is still beautiful, while another, it is both gory, and yet perhaps even appetizing to members of the Circle.

And finally for our third piece and a snapshot into my art process is the further work process of the scene first posted in Journal #11 for Scene 3, "Guess Who's For Dinner?"

The next update will be coming soon in the coming days while in the meantime, we hope this update is able to whet your appetite for now.

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