247: Holiday Gifts

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Dear Patrons,

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas. This one is rather late in coming and I feel bad for missing the festivities. Duty calls in regards to optimizing the site and other matters, and yet, I still am not able to find time to get into the space of story writing as I had planned, especially one regarding abandoned shopping malls and corrupt mayors and real estate developers, and a further expansion on the Blind Chef in Japan and the French Girl. But that, along with other stories will come soon. In the meantime, we are offering a smattering of Holiday gifts, more than the usual fare.

Bon app├ętit!

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I. IF IT WEREN'T FOR THE SHOES, SHE'D BE JUST MEAT (1 full color artwork of 2 variations + 2 works in progress artworks)

I've been playing around with artworks involving hands getting down and dirty. Cutting flesh, pulling meat apart and the gnawing of meat in the most primal manner. Attached are 2 versions, one with diners, and another without, along with bonuses of works in progress so patrons can get a glimpse into my process.


Works in progress variations.

II. THE PINAFORE CUT (1 full color artwork)

In the abattoir, hangs a piece of carcass known as the Pinafore Cut. Also sometimes called the Apron Cut. Armless and incised below the knees, the cleaned and dressed hollow torso.

III. WIP OF THE MAILLOT CUT (4 works in progress of a single scene)

The attendant presents the piece de resistance before she is about to be popped into the oven. I'm playing with different variations of the coloring and shading process before final rendering.

IV. SKETCHES (2 black & white inks)

The first is a greedy man, having a girl all to himself, devouring her in the style of a Mukbang. Greedy, greedy greedy. The second is a pair of split Midi Cuts served on a wooden tray. Both await shading and coloring.

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