246: The Latticed Rotisserie

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Dear Patrons,

This new update of the month is again, little late in coming. I'll begin to set myself a resolution for the upcoming 2023 year to set the next update earlier in the month. But in two short days, I will put up two carte du jour updates, one for today, and another in a couple of days for Thanksgiving, with a fully complete coloured piece you see here. Perhaps I'm biting more than I can chew (pun intended!). As for now, I went back and touched up an earlier piece I had completed and being a little indecisive, and since I've worked on multiple versions of this scene why not share all of the versions here? Since this year is a theme of pairs, we have 2 updates in 2 days featuring a pair from the same series, of the Latticed Rotisserie bird during the display, and another "after" the bird is roasted.

I hope you all will like this push in artwork execution quality. Bon app├ętit!

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I. THE LATTICED ROTISSERIE (1 free black & white artwork, 1 full color artwork + 1 alternate version)

It may look fragile, but we would like for this frame to be strong and sturdy, enough to hold at least 200 pounds of weight without bent or stress which would last long enough to eventually belong as a museum piece. You may use whatever material you see fit, only that we request that you do not use any poisonous metals such as lead or mercury. If you choose to add additional luxuries to the material such as gold or silver, you may quote them into your cost and we will gladly bear it.

This is a very unconventional layout. The detachable pair of hands will be a challenge but possible. The modern ladies' shoe motif at the bottom? A little ostentatious don't you think? To combine French Renaissance, Pagan Celtic art with modern 21st century fashion elements does tread into the realm of bad taste. We have the best artisans and craftsmen in our studio... if I may make some change-

NO! No changes. We require this exactly as provided here in the schematics, with the precise measurements and specifications provided. The only freedom you have is in the building material. Not the design. Not the carved motifs. No additions nor subtractions. Any deviation from this agreement will result in the abandonment of our business relationship. I understand you have quite a history with pride as I was told by your past partners. Do not be misled to your standing with our arrangement. This is as much a recruitment exercise to vet if you're worth anything to us despite this drawback. Granted, you do come highly recommended in your field, but please be reminded that you are not at the top of our list and we only sought you out only because -- if you do not mind me being completely blunt -- because of your recent... financial troubles. You are not doing us a favour, but vice-versa.

Why does this feel like doing a deal with the devil?

Don't be naive. My employers have other ways to make you work doubly hard and much less our offer if we could. But they won't if I can persuade them not to. I prefer not to... it's just the way I like to work. If you'd like to end our arrangement, now is the time to say it and there'll be no hurt egos and we will be on our way. I have more candidates on my list before I resort to that more coercive option. But if you choose to deliver as per our specifications which I know you are capable of, and no questions asked, we will make this arrangement very much worth your time. It would most certainly save your business and erase your debts. 

Okay. Okay! This... this is quite a perplexing piece, and my brain would naturally want to ask questions especially about what this piece is used for. I may have a vague idea but...

Keep that to yourself. Trust me. You don't and won't want to know especially if you would like to dispel that niggling feeling of doing that metaphorical deal with the devil. Let's just keep it as that, shall we? Let's just make you rich and none the wiser. Can you handle that?

... Yeah. okay... Yeah. Sure.

-- to be continued? --


Ia. THE LATTICED ROTISSERIE COOKED VERSIONS (2 alternate version of the full color artworks)

I couldn't help myself to try out a different colored version of the pullet roasted to a golden brown and displayed on the latticed rotisserie.

Ib. THE LATTICED ROTISSERIE ORIGINAL VERSIONS (2 alternate version of the full color artworks)

This was the original version that began as a commission.

Ic. THE LATTICED ROTISSERIE REDHEAD BESPECTACLED VERSIONS (2 alternate version of the full color artworks)

Trying out a different version using redheaded subject with glasses.


Complete artwork coming soon!

III. PRELUDE TO NEXT YEAR'S THANKSGIVING? (1black & white inked artwork)

I'm not sure if I'm able to complete this sketch by this Thanksgiving. Maybe next year?

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