212: Pervasive Perversions

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Dear Patrons,

Just a short and quick introduction this time to say that the tale of the professor as featured in update #209: Lectures of a Madman continues. Things happen around the world that makes one wonder if this secret dining club is more pervasive as one thinks. The artwork that lies within encompasses a few of the stories I have in the PROJECTS page. Bon appétit!


Excerpt from the conversations after the lecture from the Professor, a scholar of the Occult and Secret Societies. Lecture titled "Secret Societies: War of Two Evils" with two members of the Doe Patrol.

What makes you think this thing... it's everywhere, Professor?

Just simple research and the curse of having a photographic memory. You think this darkness is isolated amongst a few individuals? You haven't noticed enough. The clues are all around us, waiting for us to connect the dots. Small town newspaper articles in the 90's. Deaths that coincide with certain world events which otherwise seem unrelated. A harmless memoir of a talented but depraved Mexican artist at the turn of the century that revealed a little too much of his youthful appetites. Archaeological finds in the jungles of Meso-America or New Mexico. Scholarly papers on the history of China, repeated over and over again but lost and destroyed by politics but with remnants of knowledge whisked away to foreign countries by the scholars who survived the cultural revolution. This desire is ubiquitous.

Again. Remember. And connect... the... dots.

An event in the Middle East: An Israeli special force operative sent to investigate the disappearance of an American journalist amidst rumor of horrific war atrocities in the CALIPHATE

These people know how to twist, tempt, and coerce you to be part of their dark cabal. And you may even ultimately enjoy it and be their most loyal servant. It... is... omnipresent. And I'm not talking through history here, but even as we speak now... it spans the globe. I've gathered data that tells me this evil pervades every secret society. Events that happened in the Middle East with the new caliphate we're hearing about in the news the past few weeks. What ever happened to that pretty reporter or the rescue effort that was supposedly conducted but never followed up?

What ever happened to news of the new "Jaguar Cult" cartel that's now suddenly forgotten and branded as some exaggerated folk tale? The news was all the rage for all but one week.

You see humanity has a problem of knowing about the news as it first emerges. But as with early news, it is as misleading as the fog of war in which it resides. Nobody cares about the follow up, really. The journalist forgets, move on to another more sensational story, the old one forgotten. Once in a while, it is written about, but it is buried under headlines of others more current and outrageous. This is where I come in, being cursed again with that photographic memory and the other affliction that is curiosity.

We, the curious, live tormented lives. An anthropologist colleague of mine had his name dragged through the mud because his research had come up with narratives that were... "politically incorrect" even though his paper had been vetted rigorously and never debunked. Well, he died all too soon to defend his research and his reputation and that work was never followed up because it led towards a horrific realization. Sure, academia finally confirmed his findings, but he was never celebrated or that dark part of history never followed up upon and even if you tried, those lands have already been reclaimed and bought over by GMO companies. His findings now memory-holed and buried behind the firewall of academic journals at a cheap price of fifty dollars a month and a graduate student ID. History once again returns to oblivion.

Even such horrors in the far east, we allow despots to rule because his presence provides a political buffer to certain powerful governments. His sins will no doubt be buried and his exploits and debauchery only known to this cabal, while the missing remain missing. 

The Ahrimanic elements are in full force and it thrives with human ignorance. The Luciferian still lives, but resides in its shadow, perhaps even more dangerous like the kernel of truth that lies within all the preposterous tabloid stories.

You see, the world isn't ready for such horrors. They want to believe a world that's safe for their daughters. They want to keep watching low-budget horror movies and Disney cartoons, of which, mind you... came about from much darker fairy tales and sanitized for your viewing pleasure.

I'm amazed you still haven't given up, professor.

I would have, to be honest. But I am a lonely, broken man with nothing to lose but this small little crackpot corner the cabal allows me to have.

Perhaps I want to champion that lost art of remembrance, especially in this world of shorter attention spans. We have lost that art of remembering the stories that help connect the dots even though it leads to an unimaginable conclusion. Like the archetypal mad scholar in Lovercraftian tales I suppose.

And your book, professor, is as enlightening as the Necronomicon.

Hah, you flatter me. Most of the world has and thankfully with young people like you who notice and have read my work, my fall from grace will not have been in vain. It used to be the television that distracted us, and now it's the internet.

Don't you think the internet helped more than it hurt?

Oh, yes it did. Don't get me wrong. It helped immensely with my research in the early days, well, up until the early part of the 2010's. But something changed since then. It has morphed into an amalgam of dissonant facts and news. Think of the tabloids of the past. The News of the World. The National Enquirer. Think of the outrageous news stories that run their front pages. Alien abductions. Satanic cults. Sensationalized to the n'th degree. It was all part of their plan you see? Rumor has it the powers that be who wanted to mix facts with a whole lot of fiction so that finding the truth would be similar to finding a needle in the haystack. Mix in the true news with the false and in the end, nobody knows what's real or not? That is the internet today, and we see that playing nicely into the hands of the powers that be, when for a brief moment, we almost exposed these monsters. We were so close.

But this is where I have to conclude, there is something primal that lies within all of us. It sticks to us as hard as sin. It's the darker sin, one so forbidden, so horrific, that it eventually turns into temptation. Like the tenth level of Dante's hell, which before you interrupt me saying it doesn't exist, I know. But I was just making a point of secrets beyond what is common knowledge.

Imagine yourselves, if faced with such secrets, knowing it, being part of the club, knowing something the rest of the world doesn't, think of the power you feel over them. Doesn't that make you feel... superior? Makes you think, doesn't it? Now, are you gonna buy me another round or shall we call it a night?

-- to be continued? -- 



Three Bonus Sketches: Two events in the Middle East & one in Japan


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