185: The Doe Patrol

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Dear Patrons,

I'm working to be earlier on my updates, at least pushing it towards the beginning of the month instead of the middle or end. That could be my next year's resolution and rest assured, I have lots of artworks in the bank, it's a matter of tying these stories together in a presentable manner. Like piecing together puzzles in a jigsaw and seeing which ones matches the best!

Furthermore, I know when I'm in my deep creative hole, I'm not as present on social media as I should be, and sometimes my replies will come to you a few days later, but I will always reply to each and every one of you if you run into issues regarding subscription, content or more. It does help keep me on an even keel to not keep looking at my mailbox or PMs as these things do distract me from the meat of the matter, these updates that you all are craving for... and with that, I continue with a new pivot on our Tales regarding the Vanished... a change of narrative to make our devious characters, the Van Duynes, the Osnovatel, "Anibal the Cannibal", and more as mysterious figureheads, the boogeymen and monsters of legend as I liked how things went with the story regarding the female journalist in the 90's, now I present the modern day version... a group of freelance journalists who are slowly uncovering the exploits of this dark Cannibal Society, called the "Doe Patrol".

We present the story in written form with what they know, and with the art form of what we know. I hope you'll like this approach.

Enjoy & bon appétit!



Recorded conversations between members of the Doe Patrol, circa 2020.

I: Okay, crazy idea. So what if these women were hunted as sport or as food? Why do you think they do it? Is is sexual? Is it purely culinary?

II: It could be both. If you've read accounts by the ancient Chinese and even as more recent as the Diego Rivera revelations, it all indicates that they found that the female gender more "delicious" as outrageous as that sounds.

III: Or it's the marbling. Fat content.

II: I think it goes deeper than that. An element that's more spiritual, more esoteric. Even religious to a certain extent. Look at the iconography of the precious Mother Mary, the Fertility Goddess. They are worshipped in a way and who knows that these people in their own twisted way revere the female flesh in this same way.

I: We pump estrogen into chicken to make the meat more tender, right? After all, women do look tastier. No hair, softer.

II: How does that make you feel to be the tastier species [NAME REDACTED]?

IV: Fuck you [NAME REDACTED]. We need to get back to the facts of these missing women.

II: Don't look at me like that. We are looking into the facts, but we also got to know why. If we understand who we're looking at, it'll make it easier to know what to look for.

I: "How do we get ahead of crazy if you don't know how crazy thinks?" I got that from a TV show.

II: Maybe it's the rarity factor. Men are a dime in a dozen. Thrown away and discarded as fodder, dying by the thousands in wars or rotting in prisons. You don't see as many women panhandling on Skid Row. Walk on the streets in Calcutta, it's all men all around while the women are mostly kept behind closed doors. I know, I've been there. They're the more protected half of us as hard for us to hear.

III: My insider says that he's heard these men talk of a museum where they keep the heads of their sacrifices as... trophies.

I: And recent excavations at Göbekli Tepe revealed clay skulls, which now modern historians believe lend to the hypothesis that there exists some sort of a Skull Cult. Modern convention proposes that these could be skulls of family members or high ranking priests commemorated in the same way as the reliquaries in Christian faith, but what it... what if... these were the skulls of the victims they hunted...

II: ... and devoured!

I: Possibly.

II: And there are historical cannibals who devour their political rivals, but these people seem different... not to say that it isn't within their realm or that some of their members practice this, but it feels like in an essence, the sacred feminine is the crux of their religion. As an adversary, a nemesis, an object of worship, I know not. Did the excavation report at Göbekli Tepe reveal the gender of these skulls?

I: It wasn't mentioned.

IV: I swear, you guys are going to be the death of me some day. We're running on too many maybes right now. And we can't all going on the deep end on some conspiracy theory because you say you have some "insider source". Do you even know who the guy is?

III: I didn't believe it at first, but a lot of his intel checks out. I'm going on a Da Vinci-code style rabbit hole here, so yeah, I don't know what to think. But it is irresponsible if we don't at least, keep this possibility in our back pocket. Crazier things have happened in our world as well as you know. If you last checked, it's crazy out there.

II: Like we've all agreed in the first place, yes, crazy idea. That's why we're all here. We need to cover all possibilities. Of course, we'll take this with a grain of salt and this could all be preposterous. But who knows, right?

I: Yeah. Who knows? But [NAME REDACTED]'s right. We need to Occam's Razor this & not jump into every hole we find or else we'll lose ourselves in this. We need to circle back to the facts and work our way from there. So what's next on the file?




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