Forbidden Feast Comics Issue #2 [$10]

Forbidden Feast is proud to announce the long overdue second issue, a special "Scorned Love" edition, with tales of unrequited love with horrific, yet delicious results. It also features a special bumper story, "Final Fight" with 13 full-color pages (40 panels)!

Forbidden Feast Magazine is a publication with stories of erotic, creepy, sensual, violent and despicably gruesome horror and not to mention, loads of horrific cannibalism where the Forbidden Flesh of beautiful ladies are served. Those of the faint of heart and the gastronomically unadventurous beware for this won't be the place for you.

This publication is available in a pay-per-view or buy-it-now format separately from the regular monthly subscription method.

You won't be disappointed. Here's a preview of what you can find inside:

Eating a Friend

(15 images, 3 pages, black & white)
The Friendzone: a nightmare to many who desire romance with their best friend. But one deranged individual takes his scorned love to a terrifyingly brutal level.

From Woman to Meat: in 7 Steps

(7 images, 2 pages, color) See how the magnificent female form is transformed from a living breathing body to a culinary masterpiece.

tws-forbidden feasts vol2-9-19finalfight

Love Immortal

(4 images, 1 page, color) Can love transcend this mortal coil and last forever, perhaps in memory or in one case, taste?


(40 panels, 13 pages, color) A legendary fighter encounters an foe who seemed to have discovered the secrets of immense power. The end would be unimaginably horrific for her.

Tale of the Three Princesses

(22 images, 4 page, black & white) A twisted little fairy tale of a king who after a mysterious illness, changed into a cruel and evil shadow of himself, with tragic results, especially towards his innocent daughters.


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