Forbidden Feast Comics Issue #4 [$15]

This is a story of a modest and pretty village girl who finds herself kidnapped by a slaver, and the duo in turn, finds themselves accosted by an ogre who lives in the woods. This is particularly for new fans who haven't experienced my earlier works. Also included are 3 colored artworks (older Gourmet Club artworks which accompany this particular story), including the cover that are bonus material for the comic.

As a disclaimer, Forbidden Feast Comics is a publication with stories of erotic horror where the Forbidden Flesh of beautiful ladies are served. Those of the faint of heart and the gastronomically unadventurous beware for this won't be the place for you.

This publication is available in a pay-per-view or buy-it-now format separately from the regular monthly subscription method.

Here's a preview of what you can find inside:

Hunter, Hunted (Light Version)

(88 images, black & white) A PG rated version this story illustrated slightly differently from the dark version.

Hunter, Hunted (Dark Version)

(93 images, black & white) A no-holds barred uncensored version of this story.

Miscellanous Artworks

(3 colored images) A full version of the cover, and 2 accompanying images related to this story.


Please note that this archive is sold separately from the Gourmet Club Monthly Subscription Area.


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