257: The Green Man and the Golden Girl

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We're already thick in the middle of Spring, but let us have one more post for the Last Days of Winter story before I move on to other projects for now. I may continue this next year around the same time, or finally wrap this tale up and publish it as some sort of graphic novel. This is one of the ambitious pieces so it may take a while to complete, and if you all were waiting for George R. R. Martin's Winds of Winter book you can see how long projects like these can take. I'll try not to take too much time.

Enough talking, on to the art! Bon app├ętit!

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I. GREEN MAN, GOLDEN GIRL (2 full color artwork versions of 1 scene, a further 1 full color artwork + 3 black & white sketches)

The Green Man takes time to admire the strung up and gutted Doe. After all, he isn't inattentive to the fact that he had taken a life. For the pain and suffering he had inflicted upon her at the end, just like life and death, that is part of an immutable aspect of existence. Much the same can be said of pleasure and suffering, hunger and satiation, defiance and surrender. In her last moments of her epiphany he saw her soul laid to bear. There is peace in letting go. Like Death, the Green Man is inevitable and the Girl with the Golden Hair had her fate sealed once met. And Death followed her into the mountains during the deep and short days of Winter, never letting her go.

He remembers her in her prime of life when the Doe was full of fight. He relished it. He said to her "Allow your vitality to flow out of yourself and into me. Let me feed upon your struggle as I consume your spirit and soul as I would your flesh." Her heart used to beat strong, flushing her body with warmth and powerful vigor.

That was a memory of not long ago, of the evening before. Now in that chilly light of dawn, with the carcass turning cold with the opening where her entrails once called home now lay and open cavity where heat escapes as steam, she lay lifeless, inviting and indecently exposed. 

He admired both the head and the body. Without the head, the body is just edible delicious meat. Without the body, the head is a beautiful trophy worth to be mounted and preserved for all time for it is a work of art, part of God's creation.

What is that belief that the heart houses the soul of a person, not so much the brain? Is it because as one removes it along with the other soft and slick material of innards and entrails that in the cold light of day, a warm steamy vapor wafts up into the air easily mistaken as matter of the soul, lifting up into the heaven, forever gone never to be recovered? And once an empty cavity is left, it is an indication that the soul has left the casing and all that is left is just that. Meat.

But did her soul truly escape or did the Green Man capture it for himself?

Without the trotters, there's even less recognizable parts of her to remind one of her true origins. Soon she would be rendered truly unrecognizable, separated, laid out in pieces to be consumed bit by bit as sustenance for the task at hand. The undertaking of re-building the old ruins of the log cabin requires proper sustenance of quality protein, and through the flesh and spirit of the Doe, transfigured into energy to build this special home, it would truly be a symbolic indication that this was their home. Together. Forever. Infused with the souls of the past conquests.

He will need everything of her to complete his journey. Nothing shall be wasted.


-- the end? --

II. BONUS WIP ARTWORKS OF TODAY'S STORY (2 coloured variations of 1 scene)

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