232: May The Punishment Fit The Crime

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Dear Patrons.

Ah, just in time for an update before the next month begins. Admittedly, I've been off the boil in the social scene the past month, away from forums and the like. Recharging, as they call it. That and re-delving into the stories. It does take quite a lot out of me and on the by and by, I will also soon fulfilling some commissioned stories that I've left on pause while I immerse myself into interesting and sensual avenues such as the Mausoleum, The Caliphate, and a couple of other fan favorites. But for now to top off the month, I generally usually avoid content that touches on current events, but I already had this in my back pocket for months now and perhaps it's the right time to dust this one out as it seems timely. For the right reasons, I shall remain vague on the subject, but just as the mantra for members of the Circle in this clandestine dining club, "Those Who Know will Know."

Bon app├ętit fellow patrons and thank you for your continuing support.



A Conversation Made In The Shadows

Your proposition will not be easy. Intriguing but not easy.

But with the proposal I have laid out, will the Patriarch approve?

Convincing Him I suspect, will not be easy. But for a prize such as this, we may require much more than the usual resources. 

She has damaged us. Betrayed us. And we want retribution of the highest order. She is to be made an example of and there is much danger and unreliability in her current state. A lot of our best laid plans are left in ruin because of her, damaging years of groundwork and infiltration. You have seen her current behavior and now that she is abandoned and unpredictable, the next few days will provide us with a rare opportunity for her removal, before she finds another patron she can seduce. Wouldn't the Patriarch be furious?

Anger is not within his purview. And you'd be quite surprised. Some within our inner circle may not share your taste in revenge. Remember, any action made through emotion will provide an opening for our adversaries.

Please allow me a meeting with the Patriarch. I will prove persuasive in my argument. A calm, calculated, and very satisfying solution to our current predicament.

I will bring the matter up to Him. The question now is, do you understand the cost of fame?

I know.

I don't think you truly understand. Take a moment to think about this. Do you understand it, the cost of fame? And I'm not referring to the personal sense. I know you surround yourself with the rich and famous while being fairly comfortable in your anonymity. I'm talking about the cost of our subject itself, a reason why a situation like this must remain as rare as possible. Yes. Notoriety and revenge combined are a rare delicacy but also a potentially fatal fruit. Once you open that door, there will be rumors, gossip, a beacon for the curious. You are an extremely valuable asset to us. Aspiring starlets are one matter. This one however may require a certain sacrifice, more than you are willing to offer. I'm asking this only because despite your wealth and influence, you are not invincible. 

I am convinced this will succeed. I will pay that price and request nothing in return, other than... a moment with her in the abattoir.

I see. Your plan is... fairly shrewd and ambitious. I will have an audience with the Patriarch soon and present him with your proposal. If you don't hear from me by tomorrow, then you will know His answer.

That is all I ask. Thank you.



As per usual, here are some sketches of artworks on the horizon. The first: she may be gone, but we will hold her hand during her transformation. The second: A work in progress of a past sketch, a pair of hands that tickle. The third: Object d'art of a gift basket. The fourth: A bald roast.

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