229: Easter Promises

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Dear Patrons,

In the spirit of Easter, I would want to send all Patrons a message of appreciation of you all and a thank you to those who have been generous supporters. I hope to have garnered enough goodwill to earn your valued support which is very much needed in this current climate especially as it is getting harder as an independent creator of dark topics such as this to thrive. As many of you have noticed that a lot of care is put into each and every artwork and with the stories attached, and sometimes the output does not match the frequency and quantity of other sites, but here, Forbidden Feast exists only to serve and maintain the quality of the end result which I hope in the end makes the wait worth while. If I should ever fail in this regard, I hope you will let me know which is why I'd like to open up an avenue for my fellow patrons, my masked diners to have a voice and say so. and with that, sometimes the social and community building aspect suffers. Those of you who have come and gone, you are not forgotten and we welcome you back when the time is right. Once a member of the Gourmet Club, once you have tasted the secret fruit, forever you are part of us.

I have always strove to create artworks that go beyond just being content for content's sake, but that which is more than just a sum of its parts. There's a deeper story behind every artwork. One drawing will connect to another. Some of you may just enjoy the art solely for the fetish and that is also fine and you are also very much welcome. It may not fall into clear view yet, but I have a purpose and a roadmap, many stories of which I hope to see completed. It is ambitious, and maybe I won't be able to finish them and honestly, without your support, I know I wouldn't be able to. It is thanks to you, my valued Patrons that I've lasted this far and will still have the drive to continue further.

Which is why I'm announcing a new feature of community building, Forbidden Feast's own DISCORD group for Patrons. (members at the ACOLYTE & DISCIPLE level and above) For each update, I will post a link viewable to members and once a member as long as one behaves and observe the rules of the server, you'll always be a member. All patrons of the arts and gourmands of fine dining are welcome. Although I may be busy writing and drawing, I will pop in there on occasion to say hi, on occasion I will post exclusive sketches, updates, works in progress and artworks for members there while also answering occasional questions when I'm able. This will be an experiment in community building where I feel I need to add more than just fetish art, but cultivating a environment for like-minded individuals with peculiar tastes to feel welcome.

With this, I wish you all a Happy Easter and a somewhat on-themed update. Bon appétit!

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"Let me tell you a very short story. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Alice, and one evening out in the garden, she saw a white rabbit hiding amongst the bushes. Such a curious and observant girl yearning for bit of challenge in her otherwise dreary life, this Alice, that she decided to play a game of catch. Of course, rabbits being elusive creatures, it darted away not wanting its secrets to be revealed. Alice gave chase to the nimble creature. Naturally, rabbits being shifty critters, it knew how to hide, dart and run, but Alice, also being naturally cunning herself kept pace. Off she went with reckless abandon, her endless vigor and spirit of discovery fueling her chase, that before she knew it, night had fallen and she knew for certain she was hopelessly lost. But yet still, under the glow of the moonlight, the rabbit's ghostly white pelt shone amidst the darkness of the thickening woods. Alice looked around her and only saw greys and darker greys, nothing that stuck out at her which could lead her back to her cozy bed. But before her, the only object that stuck out in this sea of darkness was the pale while form of the rabbit.

It looked more menacing in the moonlight. Alice saw she had bitten off more she could chew and started to grow afraid. The rabbit darted off again, then stopped to look back. It didn't run to escape, Alice felt. It felt almost, almost... as if it was luring her deeper. Where else could she go. She followed of course. Past thicket and bracken, she followed for that was all that was left to do until it led her to a hole in the ground. The rabbit disappeared into the dark depths below and Alice walked right up to the rim at the edge of darkness. Too large just for a rabbit, she thought. Large enough for maybe a...

Should she enter? What lay within? Warmth? A temporary place of comfort? A doorway to a new adventure. Once again, Alice's curiosity was renewed, replacing her fear. With a careful step, she placed a foot inside. And then another. And another.

And that was when her story ended and another one began."



May I ask you a question on a very sensitive topic?

Look around you, [redacted]. There are only secrets here. Go ahead.

This question may pick at a scab that may very well not heal.

I swear, you're doing this to me on purpose. The way you're setting up this question, you've given me no choice. You knew what my answer will be the moment you asked it.

But of course. Last chance to turn back now. You may not like this question.

Spill the beans, already, [redacted].

Okay. If it were possible, how much would you pay for a human being?

What are you saying?

More specifically, a leg from a 22 year old blonde? Does the term, "Child of Summer" mean anything to you?

What the fuck? Fuck you, [redacted]. You were there? If they ever found out we ever knew, or talked to each other...

Did you know, I was eyeing that same prize, but the fourth quarter didn't bode so well for me three years ago as well as I'd hoped. I would have only been able to put in a bid for 1.4 million without digging into funds that would arouse extra suspicion from the wife. On hindsight, I should have done it anyway and found a way to massage the books and explain it later. In the end, I should have bid higher for the tits or the rump but sadly, I put all my hopes onto that leg. I just wanted to know, what was it like?

How did you know it was me?

The way you scratch your wrist and tug at your neck when you're nervous. You may have had better gains than me the past couple of years, but I'm still very much the better poker player. Did they take a video of you too unmasked and doing the deed?

If you already know the answer, why are you asking me?

Right. Right. But of course. They will never let us go without taking something in return. I just wanted to know, was that leg worth every 2.35 million pounds you spent for it? It seems like a lot of money, but I get it. People like us, we pay tens of millions of dollars for a Picasso or a Warhol. But what are they, really? Just paint on canvas and a chance to show off. How much is a Mona Lisa? The extra millions go for something more, a touch of history, a reaching arm into one's soul. An experience that could never be taken away from you. So in the end, yes, a leg, under the right setting and from the right kind of girl would cost every cent of that 2.35 million. I just wanted to know, was it worth it? Did you play with it before eating the meat? How did you cook it? How did she taste? I'd like to know.

Why don't you find out for yourself during your next invitation? And maybe fork out a little more this time!

Ah, so that's the problem. I've not been invited since. That's the other question I wanted to ask you. Did they ever call you back for another auction? I've been told by your assistant that you're taking a week long vacation for Easter. Are they having another auction then?

I shouldn't be talking to you.

Come on. Spill some of the secrets a little. Tell me. What did she taste like? Was she as good as she looked?

If you'd like to know, yes. It was like sweet ham but only more nuanced and heavenly. She was every bit as delicious as the money I spent on her and I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to try. Now may I leave?

No, no, don't go. Please sit, at least just to hear my only request. If there's some way to get invited again... I'd do anything. And that question I asked you... I know the answer now. A human being, depending on the circumstance, just like a piece of painting, would both cost nothing, and everything. Everything I own. I will willingly give if only for the chance...If there's only one favor I can ask of you. Just one. It's very simple. Business is a lot better for me these days. I never knew that one of their rules was once you came home empty handed from one of these auctions, they never invite you back. I've regretted that moment ever since. I've even thought of setting up my own operation, but I don't even know where to begin safely and securely. I don't have the resources to even now how to begin paying people off or finding the right people to trust, you know, it's a lot harder than you think. know you have a lot more to lose than me, think of your family and all you have to lose, so I'm sure that you wouldn't mind staying for a bit longer. So please, if you could, put in a good word for me? That's it.

That's it? And I'll never see you again?

Well, that depends on the answer I get from them, so please try very hard on my behalf.

Fuck you.

Think about it. We'll be in touch.

-- the end? --




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