218: Dreaming of Nightmares

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Thanks for patient waiting, October members. Apologies for the lack of news as I've taken a rather long hiatus to recapture the creative juice once again, which will happen once in a while. But what won't change is the content for monthly members. Here, you'll find enough updates to fill for two. Thanks for your faith in our darkly delightful dining establishment.

Bon appétit!


Part 1: To Drow, or to Human?

Our first feature pair started out as a commission which ended up as a rather ambitious project. Here are two versions which hopefully two sets of fans can appreciate, one, a more fantastical element involving drows and goblins...

... while another, involves one from a more grounded fashion, the all delectable human!

Part 2: Mausoleum

He made her feel beautiful. He made her look beautiful. It wasn’t a magic potion that a wizard or sorceress bestows upon the frumpy peasant girl that transforms her into a princess. Oh no, It had been something more. A flower that blooms from within. It is tangible. It could be that unlocking of the inner self, the confidence, the realization. It shows.

How many times have you seen an invisible classmate in high school transform into a someone gorgeous in later years? She wasn’t very sexual, in fact, she was quite shy, but after she met him, she became very… sexual. She looked and dressed that way.

He does that to people. He did that to my friend. And now she’s disappeared with so many questions unanswered. Why didn’t she say goodbye to her friends and family? It isn’t like her to suddenly leave her life like this with a rich stranger. No. Something is wrong, definitely wrong with him. And every time I turn to the Polizei, they shut me down. Perhaps she’s joined a cult, like Scientology, they say. Even though they’re wrong, they’re not illegal. I don’t know what to do now, which is why I’m turning to you. They say you’re good and I’m willing to pay for your services.

Part 3: She Tried, and She Died (A Very Short Snippet of a Story)

How was the event, my dear?

That was a magnificent evening! Never have I seen a fight where the stakes were this high. It had literally been a battle of life and death. Winner takes it all while the vanquished loses everything!

Literally? People throw that word around so casually these days, I didn't think you'd fall for that too.

Ah, yes. The essence of youth and the way they speak courses through me... literally.

Oh dear, stop! You don't have to be so hyperbolic. Not any amount of excitement will get me to go to one of your brutish sporting events. Well, dear, I'm just glad you had a ball of a time.

Are you sure? You'll enjoy it, I'm sure! With a lady as beautiful as you, I'm sure the guys will enjoy your company very much!

Part 4: Sketches

And finally, here are a series I'm playing around with related to the story, Hikikomori/Missing in Japan, incorporating some shibari bondage and something more. Perhaps this will develop into something more in the future.


Part 5: Bonus Color Artwork

A carcass, freshly field-dressed, ready to be hauled off for the dark whims of a very hungry, wealthy purchaser with dark appetites.




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