196: Projects on the Horizon

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Fellow Patrons,

Having seen the success of the past illustrated series, "The Last Days of Winter", it made me realize that there are plenty of stories that are filled with massive potential, waiting to be finished.

This is why I've opened a Sponsor-a-Project option at the new PROJECTS PAGE. Click on the image below to visit the page.

If you see a project you like or if you feel like there's a new story comic idea you'd like to pitch, you can support them here. Higher level subscriptions or donations may help push an ongoing project or open up new custom ideas of your suggestion (send me a PM/email with your fantasy description & I'll come up with a story idea). Those who are at the DISCIPLE level may send feedback while those at the more exclusive $50/100/150/300 or higher tier will get a higher priority as thanks for your generous contribution. This way, I'll know which project to most most priority to complete.

Below are some select previews of these projects and having started on so many stories, there's a lot more I haven't even shared here, but at the moment, it's a good idea to narrow my focus to a few and with your help, it could also help guide me to which projects that are popular on which I can more time in completing.

Public previews:



The following previews below are accessible for ACOLYTE tier members or higher.



And on to the regular content. These feature some of the projects.

The first started as a custom of a patron who requested a certain model. I've thoughts of creating a story regarding this custom regarding a young and innocent farm-girl whose father runs factories in the meat industry. And in true Forbidden Feast fashion, poetic justice and just desserts are a favorite theme of ours as we slowly unravel the fate of the girl from the point of view of the father. So far, the story is in its fledgling state as the patron has since placed the project on hold.

The second and third also began as a custom from someone who liked feet and as an expansion, I came up with a story of a pampered tourist traveling to Europe finds herself taken by traffickers and sold to those who has a penchant for feet.

The fifth through seventh started as a request for a celebrity (Paris) as a subject and this has also expanded into a story idea involving dueling billionaire magnates, with one of them, in order to one up his rival, decides to dance over the grave of his nemesis by dining on the flesh of his famous granddaughter.

The eighth is the complete colored portrait of W-Woman as a victim of the Devourer of various superheroines I call, "The Connoisseur".


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