176: Sicaria

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The season is changing. Leaves are falling as we are leaving the warmth of the summer. As the fire rages on in some parts of the world, whether it be the metaphorical or the literal, here, the fire is contained in the form of a warm, and devilish glow, one that lights the hearth and the smell of a strange kind of meat, sweet and sizzling wafts in the air of the contained and secret room, one that the members of the Circle, Children of Asterion, the Hellfire Club, the Epicurean Society and many iterations throughout the decades of this very exclusive dining club.

Here in this update, we revisit the origin story of a somewhat infamous member of the Circle, that is the Cartel Boss, 'Anibal the Cannibal' Zepeda in the form of a 2-page comic spread of 9 individual artwork montage. Also included are 2 bonus WIP artworks.

Bon app├ętit!




When Isabel arrived at King Carlos' Court, he instantly fell for her.

She was an enigma and had an air of mystery which excited him. Unlike the other girls, she was the one who kept him on his toes. Independent, unpredictable and headstrong, there are times he wondered if he was truly in control or was it the other way around.

Before he would later be known to be a monster of many names, Carlos was a different man. Anibal el Canibal. Or El Minotauro. Back then he was plainly known as El Romancero, or The Casanova.

Before that fearsome shadowy persona he created for himself south of the border, he was merely a hedonist. He knew how to enjoy women and the pleasures of their flesh. He loved them, and making love to them.

Perhaps it was inevitable that he would've turned out to be the man he is today. The money, the excesses, the violence. Years of that will change any man, but beautiful and dangerous Isabel had made him. She was the one who awakened his gruesome appetite in one way or another.


Yes, it hard to imagine now how the thought never occurred to him being around all these beautiful women and knowing what we know now about him.

It had been a moment of opportunity which gave Carlos an excuse to walk along a dark path to madness which turned him into the monster he is today. Through an alchemy of emotions, anger, love, hunger and lust, all entwined in an unholy concoction centered around Isabel, his favorite consort, the only one whom he truly loved, until she betrayed him.


Bonus preview sketches:




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