Artist Spotlight #1: Artdude41

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It's been a long time coming but one of my resolutions the past year was to create a sense of community with this niche group of Hairless Doe aficionados and the content creators. Once in a while, I plan to shine the light on a fellow creator whose works I admire and would like to see become a success. So with this I would like to take the opportunity to provide a spotlight to a 3D artist I've been admiring for a while now, which is Artdude41.

I found his works in the early days with his main character, Carey Carter an escapist who always gets herself in a bind only to escape in the end. How disappointing! Little did I know he did keep a secret stash of NSFW endings too dark to reveal unless of course one is a subscribing member. His 3D renders are unmatched and although I'm not a huge fan of 3D his works stands far and above many others. Much of it has to do with lighting, composition and a professional approach to his comics and stories and the quality of work is very much unmatched.

His earlier works began without much on-topic themes, mostly centering around BDSM, necro & voreaphilia or but recently there a few good stories with especially delicious endings for his beautiful characters.

Space Women find themselves on the menu on the ogre filled planet of Voregos, his sexy characters gets roasted in a few of these stories too, and for the vore fans, there is plenty of content too, with killer crocs, sharks and giant demons.

It's time to put a spotlight to a very talented creator and not just my own & I hope this bump will encourage this artist to do more gynophagia themed works! Give his works a try and sample his free art at or for his full collections, support him at



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