Forbidden Feast Comics Issue #3 (US$19)

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Forbidden Feast is proud to announce the 3rd issue, with the theme, "Slaughterhouse", mostly filled with gruesome step-by-step depictions of the butchering with the epic feature story, "Deconstructing the Tender"! For those who have been loyal subscribers to the site throughout the series' run need not purchase as the content is the same.

Forbidden Feast Magazine is a publication with stories of erotic, creepy, sensual, violent and despicably gruesome horror and not to mention, loads of horrific cannibalism where the Forbidden Flesh of beautiful ladies are served. Those of the faint of heart and the gastronomically unadventurous beware for this won't be the place for you.

This publication is available in a pay-per-view or buy-it-now format separately from the regular monthly subscription method.

Here's a preview of what you can find inside:

Trimming the Human Ham

(5 images, colour) How does one break down a human leg for consumption? This guide shows the process of breaking down the limb into manageable cuts for preparation and cooking.

Confessions of a Cannibal

(7 images, colour) A female pro wrestler falls victim to a cannibalistic serial killer and this is his account of the crime.


(1 image, splash page, colour) A visual guide of of rendering the full body into deli cuts.


(47 panels, colour) An unsuspecting high-end escort is led to a house of a mysterious billionaire who has dark desires on the beautiful young woman. A fact more atrocious is what he would do to the helpless young woman’s body.



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