Introducing Tales of The Vanished

Mysterious disappearances. Secret societies. Women vanishing without a trace in the past few decades. What happened to them? There are secret horrors in this world that people dare not believe true. These are the Tales of the Vanished, a new series brought to you by Forbidden Feast.

Apologies for the long wait this time for updates, but there are things in the works behind the scenes and going in a new direction. Instead of one off artworks, I thought, why not add a richer, fuller backstory to them, linking them together? I realised that the potential for story-telling is lost, so I've decided to embark on a more ambitious project called the Forbidden Feast Universe. Instead of a long set up, there will be comic-book style pages that actually goes straight to the juicy bits without too long of a set up so don't be confused as to where are the missing pages. As time is a factor I do not have time to draw connecting scenes, so why not draw the juicy scenes, straight to the point while dropping hints of a much larger backstory? I will also upload sketches of scenes that will appear sometime in the series as teasers of what's to come.

Also fear not, I will still do one off works of loose single artworks, such as those you see of Superheroines and celebrities whenever I feel the need to take a break.

Hopefully this bumper update will make up for lost time and that you'll like this combined approach of artworks and storytelling. Leave your comments, especially if you like this new approach. Bon appétit!

  • Tales of the Vanished (Vermont, 1966). Notes from a missing journalist.
  • Tales of the Vanished (San Francisco, 1974). Findings of a Forensics Expert. 2 pages






These are sketches of potential future scenes in the Tales of the Vanished series.

  • One of the victims of the secret cannibalistic society prepared as soup.
  • Prepared leg from a Russian teenager from Rostov.
  • Scene from one of the final feasts of the Hellfire Club in 1937, carcass falling off the spit.






And here are the rest of other scenes and one offs that I still have in my cache.

  • The 6th and final panel from the Church of Gynophagia mini-story.
  • Butchered stack of parts, now in colour.
  • The Most Sensual Game, now in colour.
  • Disassembly Almost Complete, now in colour.






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