Tales of the Vanished Archives

There is a world, a hidden world beyond our ken where men, and a few rare women themselves dine on the most forbidden flesh. A society that marries the appreciation of the aesthetic forms of hedonism with spiritual divinity, sexual beauty, and luscious gastronomy into one act, the dining on the flesh of gorgeous young women. Here are pages from the Tales of the Vanished series with snippets of scenes and timelines throughout the decades where a secret society has been conducting their activities! Bit by bit, characters are introduced, stories are formed. Too find out more about these people, do visit the INDEX PAGE of the this world with a description of characters, names and certain concepts.

Here is a page, as a placeholder of past comic pages of which the stories are not completed yet. Until where or when a story is done, it'll be published and sold at the SHOP. In the meantime, exclusively for Gourmet Club members, enjoy these at your viewing pleasure.

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