I Am Woman, Hear Me Cry

DISCIPLES and higher: 2 full color artworks, 3 stage 2 works in progress, 3 stage 1 works in progress
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Dear Patrons,

Soon, I will be attempting to consolidate past works into cohesive stories. I've been looking back at my works and I have realized that I have a lot of artworks that are t's been a while since I've posted the last comic and now it's time to start finishing up on some tales. I've also had some calls to try out Gumroad and I'm curious if any of you members have used the service. Any feedback on your experience to that platform is very much welcome.

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There will be one more update before the next new membership cycle.

As for now, here are some meat, live and fresh as a lobster in the tank. Bon appétit!

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I. POSTMILLENNIAL (2 color artworks, 1 work in progress variation)

We revisit a theme, a scream, a roar the art of anguish. An imperious woman in other circumstances, but when bound she cries in enraged despair. The POSTMILLENNIAL will provide a particular delicacy relished by the secret gourmand.

This is not possible in this modern world, she thought. It must have changed for the better. She was taught so. She had lived it and this circumstance is impossible! But at the very end, she is served a stark reminder that the world is pitiless to the demands of the dignified. The secret gourmand will not be swayed.

To those who've been here long enough have seen her fate in previous Carte du Jours, the view is most delicious.

What was it that she would say if he laid his hands on her like this? Nothing really for he was too charming. But to a stranger? A degenerate troll whom she would denounce on social media? Well... she is silent now to this violation. If she could see herself now being half the woman she used to be...

II. EAT THE RICH (1 shaded work in progress artwork)

There are the 1 percent. Then there is the 1 percent of the 1 percent. Perhaps there are the rich and famous who serve as prey for the even more rich and less famous.

III. WORKS IN PROGRESS (4 various stages of works in progress + 1 alt version)

First,  another upcoming sketch of the POSTMILLENNIAL, this time hollowed and ready to be disassembled. 

Then, another scene of a disidentified pullet on the spit being lathered with sauces.

And finally a pair of works in progress of an ongoing commission featuring the half-devoured still sporting some sexy footwear.

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