259: American Nightmares

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Dear Patrons,

This update is a little late in coming but hopefully the quantity and quality will make up for the lost month. I will cycle the password but in a couple of short weeks, I will make another renewal, so be forewarned.

The end of the school year is nigh and the summer is upon us. Big summer blockbusters begin to feature in American theatres and shopping malls. Happy faces, laughing children, unwitting families living their lives as above, living their American Dreams, while so below, away from the keen and sheep-ignorant eyes of the public, another kind of festival makes their presence known only to those who hunger for a special kind of flesh. Herein lies a selection of planned stories on a theme of big barbecues, shopping malls, and surfer girls, coming soon!

Welcome to this update I call, American Nightmares. Bon app├ętit!

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I. THE ROADHOUSE (1 full color artwork versions of 1 scene)

Remember the 70's? Remember the Hunters' Roadhouse? Remember the arc of Wynn Hunter, also known as the "Hunstman" set in the heart of America? I'm rekindling a panel from the story, where a restaurateur and entrepreneur who has his pick of waitresses from his franchise to cater to the delights of a very select patronage. Barbecues. Picnics. Roasts and Baby Back Ribs. A few go missing, not too many that it raises scrutiny.

II. THE DEAD MALL (1 full color artwork)

In an empty mall long abandoned due to some real estate mismanagement, the property's new owners have found an interesting new use for its premises.

III. GIRL OF THE SUMMER (1 full color artwork)

A hot young solo traveler and surfer girl with her life ahead of her vacations in Hawaii but is stalked as a prize for a very special auction.

IV. BARBECUE (1 full colored artwork)

The season of barbecues, grills and hot summer roasts is almost upon us. What lies on the grill being disassembled for the dining pleasure of the patrons seem almost like any kind of animal, but for the shape. The shape is wrong. Too wrong. And is that a woman's hand at the end of a very delicate limb?

V. BONUS WIP ARTWORKS (4 shaded variations of 1 scene)

This is a shaded work in progress of a commissioned artwork, playing around with layers with versions of the subject, unobstructed.


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