258: Bride of Beltane

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May Day. Labour's Day to those outside of the United States. Beltane to others, the day after Walpurgis Night. A most unholy day of secret rituals and unholy feasts. In a month, Families will begin are going out in parks, having barbecues, culminating in the peak of in the United States, known as Memorial Day. Seeing the latest hot new movie in theatres. But for now, in the dark underbelly, mirror world of dark rituals feasts and sacrifices, blood will be shed and the celebration of the flames that lick flesh and cook them will be celebrated by the Circle Elite.

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I. BRIDE OF BELTANE (2 full color artwork versions of 1 scene)

II. BONUS WIP OF TODAY'S ARTWORK (1 shaded work in progress and 3 black & white sketches of 1 scene)

III. BONUS SKETCHES OF FUTURE WORKS (3 black & white sketches of 1 scene + 1 black & white sketch of 1 scene)

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