256: Snow White, Blood Red

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Dear Patrons,

First off, with a bit of an announcement related to members who have been using Hiccears. The site is undergoing some major maintenance for some time now and rest assured, I've been told by the webmaster that the site should be up in the coming days. The upgrade is major and will include more options for Global payments hence the delays. To those who have been using Hiccears, I say thank you for your patience. It should be up soon!

Unless you live at the bottom of the globe or closer to the equator, you will find that the cold weather is starting to give way to the warmth of spring. And when better to continue the story of "The Last Days of Winter" while we're still fresh off the thaw of the snow. The following features artwork related to the story I started two years ago, beginning with Carte du Jour #193 and in the latest iteration posted in the most recent Carte du Jour and ones of last year. To find these collected stories, just click on the "Last Days of Winter" tag found below the thumbnail but be quick about it as some of the older posts may make way until the time I collect them and publish these into a proper comic as I did with "Carne Asada".

There will be one more posts related to this story leading up to the very special day of Walpurgis Night and Beltane, dates important to the secret dining society of the Circle Elite and the Children of Asterion.

Bon appétit!

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I. READY TO HOIST THE GUTTED DOE (2 full color artwork versions of 1 scene)

I've been playing around with layered works with an example you can see here, two versions, one with man, one without. I know some members would like to have a full view of the Doe in question as I see it's quite popular with certain artists to do it in this fashion. A bit of an extra work but you tell me, perhaps it's worth it. I'm putting this up to a poll.

Do you think it's worth the extra work for me to draw two versions of the same artwork, one with and one without the man blocking the view of the Doe?

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II. WORK-IN-PROGRESS (4 coloured variations of 2 scenes)

Here's a sneak preview of the next scene. You can see the process I work with, after the inking, I move with the monotone shading. This is a great way to make sure the color and lighting looks right before I proceed to full-color. And that is what's coming in the next Carte du Jour. Stay tuned!

III. BONUS WIP ARTWORKS OF TODAY'S STORY (5 black & white sketches, 4 coloured variations of 2 scenes)

These are the works in progress of today's update for those who are interested. There is some charm to an "unfinished" work. At least, this is a great way to prove to others that I'm not using AI to draw my works!

IV. FUTURE WORKS IN PROGRESS SKETCHES (1 black & white sketch)

Here's one more inked piece of an upcoming panel with on related to this LAST DAYS OF WINTER project and another related to the CALIPHATE project which should be my focus in the foreseeable future.

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