245: The Sleepy and the Hollowed

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Dear Patrons,

Welcome, We may have put Halloween behind us but that doesn't mean we can make one more aptly themed update using a fun play on words. Think of this as a Post-Halloween and a Prelude to Thanksgiving update to look forward to in the coming days, as we lay in the thick of the Holiday Season. Look forward to being well fed both in the world outside and within the cozy corners of this secret space of divine dining! This will be the third update as a holdover from last month before the new subscription cycle so look for another new update along with the fresh subscription cycle coming in the next few days.

As an added bonus, here lies a few preludes to the Thanksgiving festival with a number of birds on display. Enjoy the feast and bon appétit!

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I. THREE SLEEPY HOLLOWS (3 fully colored artworks)

Pale, hollowed, fresh and raw, not yet ready for the oven but this doesn't mean pleasures could not be gained in the meantime. Here are three different settings of such exploits in the abattoir, first of tongue lashing onto intimate parts, the second of a fit column-cut specimen with drumsticks as wide as can be on display, the third of an athletic pullet posed for bidders in a way that accentuates her sexuality. How devilishly creative!

II. BONUS ART (1 shaded works in progress)

Here lies a work-in-progress of an upcoming piece which began as a commission. I couldn't resist posting this for it is a rather Thanksgiving-themed piece in the way the subject resembles a bird.

III. PRELUDE TO THANKSGIVING (4 black & white inked artworks)

And finally here lies a collection of sketches, three loose studies of the hoofless tailleur cut but one features a fully inked and elaborately composed piece which I hope to complete in full color in time for the Thanksgiving Feast.

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